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Spinach Nutrition & Recipes

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Recipes, Wellness



Spinach is one of my all-time favorite greens.  I love a good green that you can enjoy raw and also cook up into something good. That ability also comes in handy when you know your greens are about to turn.  Cooking them up right then lets them hang on a little longer in a new way. And eliminating food waste is always a plus in my book.  So, this is my ode to spinach- my go to green that just always seems to keep on giving.

So, let’s start with the facts. Spinach is known to be a nutrient dense food, as most colorful foods are.  This article has all the nitty gritty details of its health benefits but here are three key takeaways:

  1. Spinach contains a high amount of folate. This vitamin is very important for cellular function and tissue growth and as such is one of the big vitamins found in prenatal vitamins.  So if you’re pregnant or on the road to becoming pregnant it definitely won’t hurt to sneak some more spinach into your diet.
  2. This leafy green is one of the top sources of iron out there. And iron is an all-important mineral that is responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood to every cell in the body.  People who aren’t getting enough iron are at risk of anemia.  And due to menstruation and especially the dramatic increase in blood volume in pregnant women, women need significantly more iron in their diet than men.
  3. This veggie is your friend when it comes to cancer prevention. The antioxidants in each bite take on oxidative stress in the body and help reduce the damage it causes, one such example of this damage could be cancer.  Studies have also linked adding spinach to your diet could reduce the risk of prostate cancer and help prevent breast cancer.  All the more reason to sprinkle a little spinach over everything.


Armed with all the health benefits, let’s talk about how to enjoy it.  Spinach is truly a veggie I could eat at every meal of the day.  I love wilting it into my eggs for breakfast or baking it into a quiche.  For lunch, a spinach salad may seem predictable but there are so many good ones out there. For dinner I’ve made it into a yummy side dish or added it to curry for an extra nutritional boost.  Here are some go to recipes for every meal of the day!



Paleo Quiche with Crab and Spinach (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Sweet Potato ‘Crust’ Quiche (Whole30)








Whole Wheat Spinach and Artichoke Pizza + Video.


So, there you have it – spinach in all its glory.


How do you eat yours? Share your go to spinach recipes in the comments below!



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