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Jul 4, 2019 | Paleo, Recipes, vegan, Whole30

I’m sure you’ve read a ton of Instagram posts of people proclaiming their love of their Instant Pot, you know those annoying posts that say they’ve made a 6 course dinner for six in 15 minutes because of it?  And during those 15 minutes of cooking, they were also able to do a full contour and beachy waves with their hair.  I thought, I have got to get this thing and I did!  I didn’t even wait for a sale.  Just “amazoned” and bought.  It showed up two days later and I was off cooking!   And cooked I did.  But at first I just did the basics, chicken, pot roast, soup.  All the things you normally do in a slow cooker.  And they were great and fast and super easy, but I wanted something healthy and different,  with tons of flavor.   So, I clicked on the crazy internet and looked for some tried and true recipes and I came upon these six that I’m sharing with you today.  They are a favorite in our household and the best thing is you can stay at the pool for an extra 30 minutes, because you don’t even need to defrost your meat and it will still come out perfect every time!  If you don’t have an Instant Pot, you can buy my favorite one here.  Or you can use your oven or crock pot, it will just take longer and I suggest thawing your meat if you eat it.   Don’t turn on the oven, just get cooking with your Instant Pot.  And if you want to contour and get beachy waves, then do it.  Because YOU are awesome!


Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Even though I’m Italian, I never really liked cooked tomatoes of any kind.  But this chicken is so good!  It falls off the bone and just has so much flavor!  As for the tomatoes, it’s great with a nice crusty bread to dip in the juice!  


Restaurant Style Beef Shawarma from Little Spice Jar

Don’t skip the broiler step….seriously.  



Instant Pot Mexican Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from 40 Aprons

Sweet potatoes are a great way to add flavor and oomph to your dish without weighing you down.  They are good carbs and it really pairs well with all of the complexities of spices in this dish.  

Instant Pot Butternut Coconut Curry from Foraged Dish

Perfect for Meatless Mondays.  And I really love to eat this for breakfast.  It’s filling and warm and just perfect!  

Weeknight Paella with Chicken and Sausage from Simply Recipes

Awesome enough to make for a party and quick enough to make after a busy day!!  

Healthy Instant Pot Mongolian Beef from What Molly Made

Molly made this and so should you!!  It is also great with shrimp instead of beef!  

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