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Whole30 Resources and Tips

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Products and Services, Whole30


I’ve already given you 10 reasons why I love the Whole30. But to get through it successfully definitely requires some planning and preparation. Below, I’ve outlined some resources and tips to set you up to successfully start your Whole30 and start changing your life. This quick & dirty guide starts now – get it!



New to Whole30? Start here.

Need some extra accountability to get you through? This should do the trick.

Wondering what life after Whole30 looks like for you? This book is 100% worth it.

Wondering how you’re going to make it through another long & cold Northeast Ohio winter? Coziness, comin’ right up!



melissahartwig – OG Whole30; co-founder of the Whole30; all around inspiring human with an extra dose or two of tough love

cookbycolor – totally passionate about encouraging you to cultivate your own intuition around cooking; totally not into wasting food; simple & inspiring

nocrumbsleft – as genuine as they come; inspirational, motherly, a beautiful soul; just started a podcast that goes beyond food and spills into family, love, life

melissasfoodfreedom – has created Whole30 shopping guides for some of your favorite stores – Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, Costco (coming soon), Fresh Thyme – this is HUGE; also is a Whole30 coach if you need some extra accountability

primalgourmet – does great step by step Instagram stories with awesome playlists; generally a big goofball and I love watching his stories

iheartumami – for all your Asian inspired Whole30 dishes; cute as could be

whole30recipes – great for finding bloggers who speak to you; food bloggers takeover this feed every week to bring you new recipes, tips, etc; found most of the people above on this feed


Committing to the Whole30 definitely requires you to commit to updating your pantry. From cooking fats to sauces to condiments to snacks, it is necessary for you to stock up on some of this compliant stuff in order to be successful. Fortunately Barefoot Provisions has got you covered. Seriously. If I had known about this before I started the Whole30 this would have been a no brainer. They have Whole30 starter packs and so many other packs to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. It will make your life so much easier.

But if picking and choosing your own pantry is your thing then Thrive Market can be your curator of choice. They have ALL. THE. THINGS. Go nuts. One more thing. TJ Maxx Home Goods actually has a lot of Whole30 pantry staples you might be looking for at a very discounted price. Because that’s what they do. This is a good option if Home Goods is your jam but I wouldn’t expect to find everything there. Maybe just to stock up when you find something good.


You don’t necessarily need a lot of specialty things to successfully complete a Whole30 but it definitely allows for more variety and ease in making a lot of the recipes you’ll find online. There are some basics that are pretty non-negotiable but there are some bonus items that are well worth it. I’ve listed them below.




Santoku Knife – this is my to go, do it all, workhorse knife; I barely use anything else.

Sheet pans – because roasting everything is the key to a great life.

Sauce pans – for sauces and stuff; that’s why they’re called sauce pans.

Wok – I mean look how pretty this is.

Cast Iron Pan (large) – this is a must have, Whole30 or not; I use mine a million times a day, for real. And I hear Staub is all the rage these days.

Cast Iron Pan (small) – I cook my eggs in here for breakfast every. single. day.

Y-peeler – if you don’t have one of these you’re missing out on life.




Immersion Blender – necessary for making the best tikka masala of your life, and of course – soups, mayos, sauces – trust me, it’s the best thing ever. This should really be on the basic list.

Instant Pot – because it’s a slow cooker and a pressure cooker in one; totally worth it. Did someone say bone broth? This should also be on the basics list . . .

Microplane – gotta have for zesting, grating garlic, grating ginger, etc.

Mandolin – because who doesn’t love slicing things really thin?

(editor’s note – mandolins are scary. These gloves prevent unnecessary bloodshed. Worth the extra $11!)

Dutch Oven – I love this for making soups and curries.

Spiralizer – but only if you love your zoodles.

Frother – for all you coffee nerds out there; and don’t forget your Bulletproof coffee and Nutpods too!



There are many brands that are shaking up the food industry – using real ingredients and making yummy things. Whole30 has partnered with a bunch of these brands and there’s a little Whole30 stamp of approval on their packaging. You can get familiar with them here.

BREAKING NEWS: Whole30 just finalized a whole line of Whole30 compliant frozen meals with WALMART; Whole30 – making healthy food accessible to everyone, one giant corporation at a time.




If you want to do Whole30 but think you may need a little support there are meal delivery services that can help. Blue Apron partners with Whole30 to offer Whole30 approved meals everyone once in a while. They usually do this during the most popular Whole30 months- January & September. So keep your eyes peeled for this if you’re planning to do it those months. I ordered four weeks of Blue Apron Whole30 meals this past September and it was definitely worth it. Gives you a good variety and inspiration to boot.



There are also meal delivery services that have Whole30 offerings all the time. These are generally locally focused so you’ll need to see if they deliver to your area. But you can look through them here. Just scroll down the page to ‘restaurants and meal delivery’ to check out what’s available to you. Cooked is one that is available in Northeast Ohio, just type in your zip code to double check.


Ok. These are the nuts & bolts. Now get to it. And remember, it’s only 30 days.

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