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Our Favorite Things Series – May 2019

by | May 12, 2019 | Products and Services

As moms, we are forever trying out new products to find what fits best for our lifestyles.  We thought it would be fun to share a few of our current favorites with you!  Look for more of these posts in the future, and if you have a product or service you’d like us to include in these posts, get in touch via Instagram or Facebook & drop a comment!


This site delivers high-quality, inexpensive garments custom sized to you, and they’re really well-made.  If you haven’t bought clothing from this super fab site, you definitely should.  eShakti is a company that lets you customize pretty much everything they sell for a perfectly reasonable price.  If you know your measurements, you can even have a garment custom-made for you for only a slight up-charge.  Find a dress you love but really wish it came with cap sleeves instead of sleeveless?  No problem.  Want a boat neckline instead of a deep v-neck?  Also doable. You also choose the hem length and whether or not your dress has pockets. Your height is a standard input when you purchase, so your clothing will never be too short or too long.  Seriously, try it out.  You won’t regret it!

Audio Books

I wrote this post before I launched this site about my undeniable addition to audio books, and I’m pleased to report that the obsession hasn’t waned at all.  In my younger years (meaning pre-marriage and children), I read books voraciously.  However, I find now that, aside from being much more versatile, listening to a book brings so much more flavor.  Plus audio books give you the opportunity to read DURING chores or a long car ride.  What is better than that?

Google Fi

Guys, if you don’t know about Google’s cell phone service yet, it’s time you do. Because it is AMAZING.  Say goodbye to Verizon customer service forever and switch your phone plan over to Google Fi.  For one line, it’s $20/month unlimited talk & text, and then it’s $10 per gig of data, with a maximum out of pocket spend of $80/month regardless of data used.  There’s no contract, you can cancel at any time, and here’s the killer part – the entire plan is INTERNATIONAL.  Including data.  Our entire family switched to Fi in November of 2018 from Verizon and we have exactly ZERO regrets.  Check it out.  Seriously.  If you use my link, you’ll even get $20 off!

Dress Yoga Pants

If you don’t have a pair of Betabrand’s signature dress yoga pants, you are definitely missing out.  These are hands down my favorite work pants – they dress up and dress down beautifully, they’re flattering for almost everyone, they’re long enough for the freakishly tall (ahem, me), and you really can do yoga in them.  Plus they wash well and look brand new even 2 years after purchase.  They come in so many styles, you’re bound to find the one best suited to you.


Mamas, if you’re looking for a workout that you can do from home where all you need is water and a towel to mop up the sweat, look no further than BodyPow!  You can check out my review of this awesome subscription service here, and if you want to try it out, use the code clevelandeastmoms for 20% off!!

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