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Learn to Play the Guitar with Loog

Nov 6, 2018 | Products and Services


My older son has been asking about learning to play the guitar since he was able to talk.  I’m 100% on board with this because if he picks his instrument, I don’t have to!  However, most guitar teachers won’t take on new students until they are 5 years old, and my son just turned 4.  So we were in a holding pattern.  Until now.


Enter The World’s Best Children’s Guitar

Loog Guitars is a company that dedicated itself to helping children and adults alike learn to play the guitar.  Loog makes 3-string guitars for kids, but more importantly, they make high-quality, functional, REAL guitars for children (or adults looking to learn) that make learning this instrument fun. Fun fact about playing the guitar – you only REALLY need 3 strings.  Anything you learn on a 3-string guitar translates directly to a 6-string guitar.  This is because 3 strings will play all the same notes as 6 strings – it won’t sound as awesome, but when you’re learning that’s hardly a concern. Check out the video below if you don’t believe me.  These guitars are the real deal.

This company was founded by students, not entrepreneurs.  A man named Rafael Atijas developed the concept for the Loog as his Master’s thesis at NYU.  His initial funding (two rounds of it) came from Kickstarter.  Their passion lies with the product, not with the revenue it generates, which explains why they’re not blowing up your Instagram feed.


Loog Guitar Product Details

Loog makes two sizes of guitars, the Loog mini ($79, for ages 3+) and the Loog Pro (for ages 8+).  The only difference between the guitars is their size.  The Loog Pro offers an acoustic ($129), an electric ($199), and electric lucite ($299) version whereas the mini is just acoustic, but those are the key differences.  All guitars are designed with the explicit purpose of simplifying the process for learning to play the guitar.  They are all 3-string guitars. They all include flashcards with chord diagrams.  But the best part is the Loog guitar app.  This app, in combination with the simplified 3-string guitar design, helps kids learn music they know and love QUICKLY.  It shortens the feedback loop, decreasing the likelihood that your little one will get bored and abandon their knew interest after the novelty wears off.  You don’t actually need the guitar to explore the app – download it and give it a whirl.

For me, downloading the app inspired my purchase (I bought my son a green Loog Mini).   I could immediately see how my 4-year-old would love being able to 1) get semi-unsupervised screen time to play games & learn chords (something he rarely if ever gets, so it would be a huge treat), and 2) use his problem-solving skills to link the games he’s playing on the app directly to the instrument.  For my puzzle-loving kid, this is a huge win.  I also think it’s a very cool concept.

Does any of this sound awesome to you, too?  If so, check out their website.  If you use the code ‘LOOG10’ you can even get 10% off your order – just in time for Christmas shopping!

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