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Celebrating Life Events during the Pandemic

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by | Aug 30, 2020 | Products and Services

A few weeks ago, my daughter turned 6.  She was so excited about her birthday, planning every last detail!!  Unfortunately, like many others, now is not a time for a big party and celebration, especially for little ones who know no boundaries!!  But we wanted to make it as special as possible.  It’s no fun being a kid in quarantine and dealing with this much isolation!!  So we decided to just have a very small family party for her!!  Luckily, I was happy to find out that our tradition of going to The Macaron Tea Room in Broadview Heights could still happen.  We have been celebrating my kid’s birthdays there since they opened (as well as some other random fun times)!!  They both feel so special going there and getting their own pot of tea and goodies!!! 



My daughter loves getting dressed up and made all of us dress up as well!!  She was so adorable making sure her hair was perfect and she picked out her favorite fancy dress!!  My kids love the nursery tea, even my 11-year-old and honestly, who wouldn’t because they get Nutella sandwiches!!  My husband and I got the High Tea for 2 and we couldn’t finish it, but my absolute favorite sandwich is the egg sandwich.  Their bread is so light, it’s like a cloud and I just love it so much.  Typically, I get their KETO tea, which is just as fabulous, but I thought it might be nice to share.  


They love it and so do I!   Side Note: If you haven’t been to the Macaron Tea Room, they are doing a great job keeping tables spaced and everyone is wearing their masks unless at their tables.  They are also no booking reservations at full capacity!!  And it’s such a lovely experience and delicious sandwiches, pastries, tea and of course, macarons!  Also, if you would rather enjoy their High Tea at home, you can get it to go as well!!


No 6 year old should have only one birthday party!  So we planned another one, with a few family friends and it was so just perfect and sweet!  She again wanted a tea party, so I enlisted the help of Luna Bakery for the goodies!   We love Luna’s goodies so much, there really isn’t a family event in which we don’t have something from Luna.  And I love the fact that they give so much to the community, so it’s really a win-win!  I tried to recreate some of the Nutella sandwiches from The Macaron Tea Room, but they just weren’t as good.  But the kids loved them anyway (that’s the thing about kids, they don’t really compare food yet). 


For the decorations, I decorated our porch and asked my next-door neighbor (everyone needs a neighbor like mine, she’s awesome) to make a balloon arch and surprised my daughter with a visit from Rapunzel!!  It was the surprise of her life and she was so excited!!  Honestly, all the kids were.  And Second Star to the Right Cleveland has the best princesses around, all the girls thought she was the real Rapunzel!!  She sang with the kids, knew everything about the princess, did the girls make-up, and made my daughter feel like a queen!! 


Another reason why I wanted to use Second Star to the Right is that they work with A Special Wish Cleveland and visit kids with cancer in the local hospitals.  They are constantly giving back and I am more than happy to support businesses like that.  I cannot say enough about Brianna (the owner) and all of her princesses.  They are wonderful, even better than Disney and I highly recommend booking them for your next party (they also do other characters that appeal to older kids like Descendants, Harry Potter, Space Force, and more!).  


***One important thing I found to be true while planning her birthday and the weeks after, there are so many businesses in our area bending over backward trying to help us feel somewhat normal.  They have totally upended their business model so that we can feel safe and comfortable.  Whether you want to enjoy life events outside or inside, at their location or yours, our locally owned businesses are rocking it!!  

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