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10 Great Reasons to try Audio Books

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Best Justifications for Audiobooks

When I was a kid, my family vacations always involved a long road trip where my parents would play books on tape, which they borrowed from the nearest library.  You could say my audio book obsession started there, before the days of endless podcasts & apps & touchscreens at your fingertips.  I started listening to books the (now) old fashioned way – on tape and CD.  I borrowed whatever the library had & was happy with it. Then, in 2010 (I waited a few years, I know), I got my first smart phone.  From there, I discovered Audible, and my world changed. For a nominal monthly subscription fee, I had a whole world of audio books at my fingertips. I was in heaven.  Now there’s Overdrive, an app that facilitates ‘checking out’ digital and audio titles from local libraries.  To use Overdrive, all you need is a library card – it’s completely free!

It doesn’t end with books, though. Without a monthly subscription required, Audible has free ‘channels’ for Prime members featuring original podcasts, news & information, and even guided workouts. Some channels (like Editors’ Choice) contain curated book selections that you can listen to without using credits (as long as you stream them – downloading still requires credits).

Have I sold you on audio books yet? If not, here are 10 of the best justifications for audiobooks and why to give them a try:


1) Books make chores more fun.

Laundry/cooking/cleaning/weeding the yard … it all becomes fun, even enjoyable. You dread chores a whole lot less when you have a great book waiting for you!


2) Books make traffic and driving more enjoyable.

The biggest driver for my absurd Audible stats (I’m a Master Listener!) is absolutely due to time spent in traffic when I lived in DC. I came to even moderately tolerate traffic when I had a great book playing. This is harder today because my family is not quite as enthusiastic about great audio books, and we live in Cleveland where traffic is not much of a factor – everything is 20 minutes away.


3) It’s a lot easier to sneak time to ‘read’.

It’s hard to pull out a paper book and sit down for a few chapters. Audio books lend themselves well to busy mom-life. They don’t require light, either. You can listen to a book with headphones in a dark room while rocking your baby to sleep – it rocks (pun intended).


4) They’re convenient.

They’re right on your phone. You can stream them or download them. You can use headphones or your phone’s speakers. You can stream them via Bluetooth to any number of devices (Audible is even compatible with Sonos as of this year). You can sync one app & one login between devices so if you forget your phone and want to use your husband’s, you can (guilty). No matter where you are, your library is with you at your fingertips.


5) You never have to worry about how to pronounce something.

Know that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted doesn’t know how to pronounce the word chameleon? You never have to worry about that if you’re listening to your books.


6) You ‘read’ different things.

I’ve ‘read’ audio books that I would never in a million years pick up in text format. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich? Check. The Company? (Editor’s note – this is one of my favorite books of all time & one that I never would have picked up had I not been explicitly looking for great long audio books) Check. The Goldfinch? Check. The sheer size of these books would have intimidated me away from them. Not so with audio books – and for me it’s actually the opposite.  I seek out longer volumes in audio form.


7) You develop better listening skills.

When you’re an audio book addict, you’re listening to many, many books about many, many subjects. The narrators are all different & you learn to pick up on subtleties. In short, listening to audio books makes you a better listener. (NOTE: this does not make you more tolerant – that’s an important distinction!)


8) Narrators rock.

Seriously. It is fantastic to listen to a great narrator.  Great narration is an art form. Certain books (Lincoln in the Bardo, for example), win awards specific to the narrators/narration style. It adds another complex dimension to the written word. I have a long list of authors that I love because the books take place in Australia (check out What Alice Forgot or anything else by Liane Moriarty), England (The Lake House or anything else by Kate Morton), Ireland (Anybody Out There or anything else by Marian Keyes), (etc) and the accents of the narrators match the book origins. It’s seriously great to hear a book with a native accent.


9) It’s a great way to fall asleep.

This drives my husband nuts sometimes, but I listen to audio books before going to bed. The Audible app conveniently comes with a sleep timer. I set the timer for 15-30 minutes, bookmark the location I start listening at, and conk out. It’s a great way to lose yourself in a life that isn’t your own – it’s really stress-relieving (for me, anyway).  With the bookmark set, I can go back to that place in the book the next day and not miss any of the story.


10) This one will irritate the print fans, but listening to books is a greener option.

Save trees & listen!


Ready to try it out?  Download Overdrive and check out what’s available with your local library.  If you want to give Audible a try, Amazon makes it easy. They’ll give you two free audio books for just trying it out.

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