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10 Ways to Waste Less

Jan 17, 2019 | Products and Services


These 10 ways to waste less are just what you need to get your New Year’s resolutions in gear. I’ve been on the road to waste less for a while now and it’s really the small, deliberate changes that make all the difference. If you’re on the path to being more sustainable, grab  handful of these and make the switch or start practicing the action. It’ll make a big impact in a short amount of time. I read a really powerful quote the other day that has stuck with me:


“I’m just one person.” – 7 million people. 


Imagine the impact that each of us choosing just one or two things could have on the future of our planet. Do it for your family, do it for your kids, do it for yourself. But just do it. Without further ado . . . 


  1. Ditch the aluminum foil and parchment paper for these reusable liners. I hate when I’m about to get down to some baking and look in my cupboard only to realize I’ve run out of foil. With these babies, you’ll always be good to go. And with their small price tag, they’ll pay for themselves in about a week. (Adds to cart).
  2. Say goodbye to Ziploc bags and hello to Stasher bags. Sure, you can use these like any old Ziploc bag and stuff them with leftovers or snacks. But you can also use them for freezing, cooking, sous-vide-ing or even as little packing cubes for travel. And they come in so many pretty colors so you can coordinate them with your kitchen. 
  3. Up your grocery bag game with a couple of these reusable grocery bags. They are a much improved heavy duty version of the familiar brown bag but this way you won’t have a million of them falling out of your pantry every time you open the door. 
  4. Make your produce feel pretty peekin’ out of these little mesh produce bags. Made by Colony & Co., the same company as the reusable grocery bag, they are high quality and will keep you all matchy-matchy. They also smartly wrote the tare weight on the tag  so the cashier won’t charge you for the extra weight of the bag. 
  5. Not a fan of cleaning? This brand may just change your mind. Grab yourself a starter kit and bask in the supernatural after (cleaning) glow. 
  6. Make your on-the-go life green. This little online shop has so many great products to take a look at. But this lunch kit includes everything you need to take your food to go. 
  7. Put your money where it matters. Support brands that have sustainability as part of their mission statement. Do your research. Support change. 
  8. Always skip the plastic bag. Anytime I go to a non-grocery store (because I always forget my reusable bags when I’m just running errands), I put my items on the counter and tell the cashier I don’t need a bag. Cashier rings up the item and promptly drops it in a bag. *Face palm*. Again, I tell them I don’t need a bag. “Oh, right. It’s just habit.” Exactly. We, the checkout line people, need to break the habit by being proactive about it. This is why God made really big purses. 
  9. Practice wabi-sabi. I first came across this idea in this book and I’ve gotta say, it’s a breath of fresh air. The basic idea acknowledges three simple realties. Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Said in more American terms – stop trying to keep up with the Jones’! Our consumerism produces so much waste. There will always be a new version, something bigger and better to chase after. Practice finding contentment and peace with what you have, and don’t take your purchases lightly (see point 7). 
  10. Find beauty in the broken things. I guess I’m on a Japanese culture kick lately as their way of living often provides a refreshing shift in perspective. Take the Kintsugi method which uses gold to repair broken ceramics. Rather than throwing away something that breaks, it becomes, through this process, a more beautiful and treasured object. You can buy kits here





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