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Ways to Donate/Re-purpose Halloween Candy

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While Halloween looked much different this year, I was amazed by all of the candy my received from our awesome neighbors and neighborhood!!  I so appreciated that people wanted to make Halloween as normal as possible while still being safe and suffice it to say, my kids got way too much candy!!  Normally,  we let each of the kids pick their favorite 15 pieces or so, and then they can have 1 piece per day until they have run out.  The rest usually go to work with my husband.  But because of COVID, my husband isn’t allowed to bring in any kind of food to share with his employees, so this year I’d like to do something different with the candy.   I’ve researched a few options for all of us to either re-purpose the candy in another way or donate it!!


1) Donate to the Troops!


Our troops work so hard overseas and they can not always get their favorite treats, so this is a great way to lift their spirits and give them a taste of home.  Plus, as my nephew tells me, they usually share it with the local children in the area!


One is run by Solider’s Angels, your kids can get a cool prize and you can get a charitable receipt for your donation.  Check out the link here and search for a drop off location near you!


Another good option is Operation Gratitude!  You can fill out a form here and they will give you instructions on how to mail your candy to the troops.


2)  Operation Shoe Box

Operation Shoebox volunteers love packing boxes year-round with candy, but especially for the holidays. Collect bags of individually wrapped candies; heat-resistant candy is best in warm seasons. Mail your candy donation to:

Operation Shoebox
8360 East Highway 25
Belleview. Fl. 34420


3)  Halloween Candy Buy Back


While the list for the Cleveland area is slim, some dentists and other local businesses will buy back your children’s candy and donate it.  You can search for a listing of businesses here and your kids might be happy to make a little money!  It’s a win-win!


4) Ronald McDonald House


Not all children can go trick or treating.  So why not share it with those kids who cannot?!  Call your local chapter to see what the guidelines are, or if they even will accept it.  Click here for a listing of chapters all over the country!


5)  Any Solider

Any Soldier lets you search a soldier’s wish list and send donations directly overseas!  


6)  Call your Dentist/Pediatrician


Call your doctors to see if they collect candy for the troops or others in need!!  If they don’t, I bet they have an idea for you!


7) Ask your child’s school (if you are in-person)


A lot of schools in the area will collect candy to send to the troops.  If they haven’t advertised in your children’s weekly updates, call and see if they could host a collection!


8) Save some candy and use it for Gingerbread Houses


My kids love making Gingerbread Houses for the holidays.  But there is never enough candy to decorate with one of the kits!  So, make a secret stash and hide it away for December and then get decorating!!


9)  Call local shelters, food banks, hospitals and nursing homes


Lots of shelters or soup kitchens will accept unopened, wrapped candy.  It would be a great opportunity for your children to see firsthand that there are others less fortunate.  Make sure to call and find out the guidelines!


10)  Take it to your local Fire/Police Station


Another great idea for your kids to help out with.  Make a special card and take it to your local fire/police station to say Thank you!


What do you do with your candy?

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