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Mom Hacks and No-Install Products for Stress-Free Childproofing

Aug 22, 2018 | Parenting


Ah, the dreaded childproofing.  I’ll be honest – this is something I never intended to do.  Our house was built in 1928 and all of the hardware is not only original, it’s functional original.  When it came to childproofing, I knew I was facing an uphill battle.  Or doorknobs are not a standard size, our doors aren’t a standard size (many of them are actually a weird custom size), our door molding is rounded, and we have not one but two banister staircases that made baby gates impossible … the list goes on.  Our chosen childproofing method was mostly ‘watch & monitor’ with our first, but with two (and soon to be three) this became less practical.  I learned quickly that there are great products out there now that make childproofing a breeze. Buy it or make it yourself, here are a few of my favorites!

This awesome product is a pinch to install (literally) and ‘fixes’ a door open a crack.  It can be disengaged from either side of the door, and an extremely desperate child can still break out of their room with determination.  This product has solved so many problems for us.  However, check your door frames first!  If you live in an old Shaker house like we do, the door frame finishes might be rounded & you’ll have to modify the install a little.  My mom-hack used 3M double-sided tape and a few dimes – looks a little funny but it’s perfectly functional.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out the product link, watch the videos, and read the reviews there too.  Everyone loves this thing.

These locks install using 3M tape & prevent anyone without a magnetic ‘key’ from opening the door.  Just don’t lose the key or you’ll childproof yourself out of your own cabinets.

When the product you want doesn’t exist (or isn’t affordable) – make it!  This DIY baby gate is both functional and adorable, and for the crafty moms out there, completely customized to your taste & home decor.  What could be better?

Traditional cabinet childproofing latches minus the drill installation. These work great as long as your cabinet door is about the same size as the opening behind it.

OK so this one isn’t exactly NO install (the product recommends that you install it with screws), but handy tip – you can use 3M tape & it does its job just as well.  They also have a banister-to-banister version that is truly no-install.

This product  is both aesthetically pleasing and effective.  Installing it, either the traditional way or with some double-sided tape is easy and straightforward.  There’s no awkward plastic gate to set aside when it isn’t in use because it retracts itself.

I hate externally visible childproofing, but honestly you can’t beat these things.  Stick them anywhere and suddenly the freezer/toilet/cabinet/dishwasher are completely off-limits.  They don’t look glamorous, but they work brilliantly.  When your kid outgrows the investigatory stage, just remove them & stow them away for the next application – they’re completely re-usable with some new 3M tape.

Parenting hack for the win!  Do you have a toddler (or, in our case, a puppy) that loves to unravel toilet paper? Here’s a very simple solution.  This is exactly what it looks like – a hair tie around the toilet paper.  We used this for puppy-proofing, but it works just as well for toddlers. Try it out.

Similar to the 3M product above, these are a little more sturdy and a little less obvious and provide more security for the clever child who is determined to get into something.  To unfasten these requires multiple steps (pinch & turn) and they aren’t quite as obvious when installed.

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