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Helpful Halloween Candy How-to Guide

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Parenting

Welcome to Halloween, the unofficial kick-off to the season of ‘when good eating goes bad!”  It’s hard enough for us adults to show some self restraint when that bowl of candy is staring us down. Where do you even begin when it comes to your kids? An account that I follow on Instagram recently just asked their community what they do to manage their kids & their candy come Halloween. I figured I’d share what was crowd sourced by a bunch of other parents out there.  Here’s your Halloween How-To(s) for all you parents out there, from us to you.


Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Candy How To’s


Halloween Candy How-to #1:

Allocate what you choose to your kids and contribute the rest to the candy bowl at your work.



Halloween Candy How-to #2:

Pass out only the candy that you DON’T like so you’re not tempted.



Halloween Candy How-to #3:

“Buy” the candy from your kids- a couple cents a piece. Or trade the candy for a toy your kids have been wanting.



Halloween Candy How-to #4:

Let them self regulate.



Halloween Candy How-to #5:

Give your kids what you deem enough and then store the rest to use for special treats, movie theater snacks, party bag fillers for your kids’ birthday parties, etc.



Halloween Candy How-to #6:

The magic of the switch witch. Let the kids keep a small amount – put the rest on the back porch for the witch to feed her black cat. As a thank you, she leaves a toy or cash in return.



Halloween Candy How-to #7:

Or, the magic of the Great Pumpkin. Tell them that the great pumpkin is coming with presents as long as it gets their candy in return.



Halloween Candy How-to #8:

Each kid gets to pick the amount of pieces that they are old (the rest gets discarded or donated).




Do you have any other ideas to share? Run! Don’t walk – to the comments below!


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