Family Vacation & Sleep: How to Deal

It’s family vacay season, and while making memories is fun, the sleep disruptions that kids (and as a result, parents) encounter while away are not as enjoyable. We spoke to Craig Canapari, MD, a Yale Medicine pediatric sleep expert and author of It’s...

Swim Safety Tips from The Local Moms Network

Summertime is the best time, but with fun days spent around pools, beaches and lakes, most moms are also concerned with water safety—and for good reason. “Drowning is responsible for more deaths among children ages one to four than any other cause...

Tips to Save for Back to School

Shopping for back to school doesn’t have to empty your wallet! Use these tips to save on all your back to school purchases!

4 Ways to Boost Your Energy Today

Boost your energy today! Making these small changes can increase your energy! Did you know that taking a brisk afternoon walk can give you the same buzz as a shot of espresso? Well, now you know. Click to read more!

Cheap Things to do in Cleveland: Summer Edition

Don’t go broke entertaining the kids this summer! We have tons of events & ideas to fill your days, so your kids will be happy & so will your wallet! Check out our Cheap things to do in Cleveland: Summer Edition Guide and sit back and relax! Your kids will think you are the best mom and you can still afford vacation!

Reasons not to Quit – Why a Gym Membership in Summer is Smart

Well Cleveland, it seems like we have once again bypassed spring and headed straight into summer!  And summer means swimming, BBQs, bike rides, and lots more time outdoors, right?  Right!   Well, it also means that lots of people quit the gym they...

So Your Kid Wants to be a Vegetarian … now what?

I come from a family of meat-eaters.  Serious meat eaters.  In fact, I once made vegan brownies for a friend of ours and my father absolutely loved them.  Until, that is, I told him they were vegan.  Game over - he wouldn't touch them after that.  When...

Why Do I Keep Losing My Keys?

Are you always losing or misplacing your keys or your phone like me? Well, it’s not early-onset dementia – turns out there are real reasons this happens.

10 Symptoms Busy Moms Shouldn’t Ignore

Self-care is hard to prioritize, but there are always symptoms that, no matter who you are or what you do, shouldn’t be ignored! Here are 10 of them.

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