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Meet local Mom: Emily Delaney

by | Oct 27, 2019 | Meet A Mom


Meet local, Shaker Heights Mom,  Emily Delaney.  She’s been a consultant with Rodan and Fields for over 2 years and she’s making a difference in her families financial outlook.  From paying her kids tuition, to starting a vacation fund, Emily is proof that being a consultant with Rodan and Fields pays off in more ways than one!


Please tell me about your background!  


I graduated from Orange High School in 1997 and Indiana University with a degree in Business Management.  After graduation, I started my career during a really bad economy in 2001. Everyone was losing their jobs or not getting hired,  so I was really lucky that the company that I interned with, wanted to hire me. I started out in the IT department for the first two years and I realized very quickly that that was not for me.  I had an opportunity within the same company to go into sales. Fortunately, they wanted me to move to Chicago, which was great, because I had always wanted to live there. It was the perfect opportunity for me at the time!  I spent 4 years in sales and HR/Training. My husband and I grew up in Cleveland and after a few years of city life, we decided to return back home and raise our family here.   


Tell me about your family!


I have three daughters, 9, 8 and 6.  My husband, Peter and I have been married for 13 years! 


What is your current job?  


I currently work from home as a billing manager for an ophthalmology practice.  I am also a Rodan and Fields Consultant. 


When did you start selling/working for Rodan and Fields?


About 4 years ago, I became a product user first. My friend, who was my next door neighbor growing up, approached me about using the products as I am always looking for new skin products – I love beauty products in general.  And I’m also helping a good friend with her business. At the time when I started using the line, Rodan and Fields launched their biggest product, Lash Boost. Back then I barely had lashes, so I wanted to try it. After using the skin care regimen and Lash Boost for a few months, I noticed my skin was brighter and noticed my lashes were hitting my sunglasses while on vacation (which has NEVER happened before), so I knew both worked.  I was a believer from that point on! About 2 years ago my friend approached me about the business and I was very hesitant at first, but then I thought “what do I have to lose”? The company offered a 60-day money back guarantee — if I didn’t like it or it wasn’t working for me, I could easily back out and get my money back.



What is a typical day like for you as a Rodan and Fields consultant? 


This business is a relationship building business. Yes, it’s skin care, but I am so excited about our products that I want to share it with my friends/family and anyone who’s willing to try it!  I do a lot of personal reach outs because I want to first and foremost know how people are doing personally. If my business comes up, then we can chat more about it. With my current customers, I offer a personalized service to help them manage their accounts. I help them with everything from suggesting new products to re-orders.  Not everyone consultant does this but I offer it because it keeps me in touch with them. We have some really exciting things going on in our company and I’d like to branch out right now and expose these products and innovations to a broader customer base, just because I’m really excited about it.  


What would you say to someone who doesn’t want to sell or thinks they are not good at selling products?   How have you managed starting up your business and selling to friends and family? 


I will say there are a lot of naysayers.  People are always skeptical of what they don’t know.  And it’s easy to go into a store like Ulta or Sephora or even a department store and who you think is a trustworthy individual behind the counter, they don’t really have your best interest at heart.   I’ve used R&F products exclusively for years, and I think people notice your results and they get curious. Getting people to try something new is not often difficult as it seems but you have to make it inviting to them.   Hosting events (who doesn’t love cocktails and apps?) or offering samples are a great ways to get your network excited about what you do. Again, this business is relationship based, so if your friends and family trust you with something as personal as skin care, then anyone can “sell”.  


That’s interesting.  I’m sure the creators of Rodan and Fields researched this before they started to sell their products this way? 


 Actually, Rodan and Fields first started out at Nordstroms and then tried the direct selling market.  They found consultants were far more impactful and powerful selling than being at the department store.  Why? Because when someone truly knows the products and consumers trust the individual selling it, consumers know we have their best interests in mind. 



I have a friend who was selling jewelry and she wanted me to sell with her and I was like, I don’t know.  I’m not sure I want to ask my friends and family to buy. I’d really just want to sell to people I don’t know.  But her response really floored me. She asked me if I sold any of my baked goods (when I owned a bakery) to friends and family and if I told them about my business….of course I did and had!  Why would this business be any different?  


Exactly!   We are proud of what we do and sell and that is why we will all stand behind our products!  



What is the biggest resource you have used to make your business selling Rodan and Fields successful for you?


Being able to communicate, make connections via social media, parties, referrals from current customers or friends.  My biggest goal right now is branching out to new people to tell them about this opportunity – business and products.    Your friends will be your biggest referrals!  


I know part of having a business like this, is creating a great team of consultants.  How do go recruit new members into your team?


I recently started building my team.  Honestly, I didn’t originally have plans to build a team.  It wasn’t until I saw my own success with my business and the success of my peers that I realized that truly anyone can do this business if they really want it and worked it.   We are a direct selling company, and so often the direct selling market gets a bad wrap. I’m not here to tell someone to join my business unless they really want that opportunity.  You have to want that opportunity. Most mid-level marketing is all about recruit, recruit, recruit – I do not believe this to be necessarily true about R&F. We can be highly incentivized for our individual sales or if we have a team.  


I recently attended our corporate convention in Nashville and one of our top consultants said, “do you want bodies or do you want builders?”  And that really stuck out to me because I don’t just want to recruit just anyone. I want passion, commitment and love of the products. When I look for people to join my team, I look for those attributes. 


What do you wish you would have known prior to joining Rodan and Fields.  


Honestly, I wish I would have started earlier!  I really love this company. People always say the sales people are the last people who are ever acknowledged. Not with R&F!   They really stand by their consultants and their customers. The innovations that they have come out within the last few years is mind-blowing because they took the time to listen to customers and their needs and wants.  They take to heart the needs of their consultants and they stand behind us! And that’s what I really appreciate the most.  


Did you know that prior to starting? 


No.  I didn’t!  I wish I would have started earlier, because this is such a great environment, I’m never alone.  If I have questions, a teammate or sales support is always there and resources are readily available.  What I make is providing for my family, the little extras that we would not be able to afford without this — like extra-curricular activities (it adds up with 3 kids), a vacation fund.  I’ve been able to provide that for my family because of Rodan & Fields. That is so valuable. And I get to do something fun to earn it!  


Has the community impacted your success with this business?  Or do the products speak for themselves?  


The products speak for themselves once people use them.  However, Cleveland is a very untapped market in terms of user base. Not a lot of people have heard about Rodan and Fields or have had the opportunity to try our products.   I have a lot of friends and family who will recommend the products because they have great results and I love getting feedback! I have a friend/customer who says that their child is now confident wearing tank tops thanks to our Spotless regimen (our teen acne line).  And as a young teen, that is so huge for them! To feel comfortable in their own skin. I have parties because people want to touch, feel and try out the products before they buy, but I liken it to online shopping, you don’t know until you try it. Word of mouth is the best marketing for my business!  


Also, I think the teen acne system is my favorite right now.   We all want our kids to put their best foot forward and I think that is so important for them as well.  I was so excited to see that because having a tween, I know we will need that soon and I feel good that there is a proven system that I know will work for him.  I won’t have to use 20 different things and hope one of them works!  


We started out with 4 skin care lines –   Anti-aging, brightening/dullness, acne and sensitive.  All aimed at adult skin and what the doctors have learned, through the consultant base, is that we all want the younger generation to experience the same results!  Spotless, our latest teen acne line, is one of THE most incredible regimens we offer. As a teenager, having acne can be embarrassing and their self-confidence is compromised,but there is a way to combat it.  We also just released the Recharge regimen, aimed for our millennial audience. We want the younger generation to start taking care of their skin as they have exposure to things like UV rays, environmental factors, like pollution and blue light (light from your phones, computers, tablets that are harmful to your skin) –  things we never had to worry about growing up that our kids have to worry about now! 


 I NEVER thought about that!!  


Little things like that are dulling our skin.  All of our lines have sunscreen and SPF, so we’re always looking out for your skin.   


I never had acne until I was in my twenties and that was debilitating enough, I can’t imagine walking into high school and having it.  


Yeah, but now there is a solution!  


How much time and effort is required to make a good income as a Rodan and Fields consultant? 


It varies.  Right now I’m using this as a side income.  I can spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours.  And those few hours are hosting parties and having cocktails with great women and they get to try the products I love.  But on a day to day basis, about 20 minutes, reaching out to people. It really doesn’t require much time, unless you really want it too.  I have seen people who do this full time. This is their only source of income and they work this business, to the point that their husbands can retire.  It’s there if you want it. You make the opportunity work for you. 


Our corporate office has done a tremendous job offering us the back end support from technology to marketing that we are able to determine how we choose to run our business. Everyone runs it differently and that’s the beauty of it.  We all have had various successes but it all boils down to relationship and trust and our belief in our amazing products. 


So what do you want to do with your business?  


I’m at a point in my business that I want to expand and I want to grow because I really believe in what we do.  I believe that there are people who are out there who really want and need this opportunity. We all want to be empowered and owning your own business really gives you that!  Your income possibilities are as far as you can imagine.  


If there is someone reading this and wants to learn more about joining your team or being a Rodan and Fields consultant, can they reach out to you? 


Absolutely!  I want to get to know them, and get an idea of what they want out of this business.  They may be scared to reach out, but don’t fear that initial step because the information and opportunity is so much greater.  If I could just give 1 person this opportunity then I’ve done my job!  


Is there a cost involved to join your team?  


We offer 3 different packages.  All 3 are under $1,000. And that’s a great investment in YOU.  You get a ton of products. You can use them yourself, give as samples or you can sell them right away, you can start earning your money back the day you get the products.  All of our products have a 60 day money back guarantee. If this isn’t for you, you can always return it.  


This business doesn’t require us to carry inventory much like other direct sales markets.  *Bonus!!* However, most consultants do have products on hand so that our customers can try it out. We are big believers in consistency and that results won’t happen overnight.  Just like when you plant a seed, you don’t expect to eat the fruit right away. Skin care is the same– consistency is key to great skin!  


Besides having flawless skin, what are the biggest perks of being a consultant?


There are a lot of incentives that our company provides.  The best part for me is that I’m accountable for my own sales, I’m not worried about what everyone else does!  Some of the incentives are as small as a hat to as big as all-expense paid trips, a car. My friends have been on these trips and they are amazing!  Now is the best time to become a consultant because the company just started their Fast Start Program,for new consultants. In the first 90 days, if you hit milestones, you can start earning your investment back and then some!  It’s really how much you want to put into it. What you put in, you will get out! There are days when I can’t put much effort into it and it’s OK and then there are months when I can put this money towards that vacation fund! And that’s an amazing feeling to have!



How has social media helped you with your business? 


I think social media has helped me publicize my business in fun ways to my peers.  Keep in mind that even though a lot of my friends and family see my posts, it doesn’t always mean they are a customer. It offers me the tools to communicate and educate them on what our products can do by showing things like before & after shots. However, social media usage isn’t a requirement or sometimes embraced by even our own consultant base.  As a matter of fact, my sponsor never used social media until she saw my results from using it. It’s so much more than that. It’s about relationships, and not being afraid of people and what they might think. We live in a world now where rejection is hard to handle and in this business, you can’t take it personally.  


Right.  When I was performing, I’d go on 30 auditions and 29 of them said no, it’s that 1 person who said yes, is the one that matters.  


Exactly.  With my sales background, I’m used to hearing the no, so I move on to the next person.  That 1 person that says yes to you, you hold on to them and build a relationship with them because they are the ones that make an impact on your business.


And this is such an important aspect of life in general.  You are always going to have people who do not say no or judge you for this, that and the other thing.  You just have to keep moving on to find those people who say yes!  


And that’s the hardest part, even teaching our young ones.  Rejection is just a part of life.  


And Moms and Dads who work and hustle, and want to provide for their families are setting such a good example to our kids who are watching everything we do!  


Yes!  Being in this business is a gift as it gives us the opportunity to get financial freedom so that we can gain more time with those we love. We have successful lawyers, financial planners/accountants, teachers, business men/women, SAHMs, people of all ethnicities and span across all age groups who have thrived in this business!  


I can imagine your girls love using all your products and masks.  

We have face mask nights pretty often. They love them and it’s fun, especially having 3 girls.   I use our products on my kids. They wash their face every night with our Soothe line. It’s gentle enough for kids to use.  Literally anyone can use these products.


Tell me about the products, how were they created?  


Rodan and Fields was created by 2 Stanford trained dermatologists,  Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. The doctors, who still practice today in the Bay area, wanted to provide people with dermatological quality products in the comforts of their home.  Their 4 main regimens were created to help people with their specific needs and requests — Redefine for Anti-aging, Reverse for dull/discolored skin, Soothe for sensitive skin, and Unblemish for acne.  


Since 2007, Rodan and Fields has expanded their product base to help people of all ages and skin types to help give them their best skin. We use the latest innovative technologies and ingredients to provide consumers the best products on the market — it’s no surprise that we’re THE #1 skincare brand in North America according to Euromonitor and continuing to globally expand into markets like Canada, Australia and soon to be joining us Japan in 2020. 


Where do you want to be in 10 years? 


With the business, I’m not going to lie, they have a car program and I would love to build my customer and consultant base and earn that!  I also want to travel so those all-expense paid trips seem very intriguing!  


What would you say is your biggest failure as a business person?


My biggest failure is me getting in my own way.  I would say that everyone suffers from failures, but it’s how you pick yourself up and do what you need to to move forward and so often what hinders me in my own business is that I get into my own head space.  I think I’m too nervous to ask somebody or too shy. So, I’m really trying to overcome some of those obstacles personally. There is a lot of personal development when you own a business and having to be in charge of your own marketing and sales.  I’m my own employee so I really have to focus on what I’m doing to build my network. 


What is your favorite thing about NEO?


What I love is that we have all the big city perks but we live in a mid-level suburban area.  I can travel 15 mins and have dinner downtown, go to world class museums, concerts, games, and not have the stress of a big city environment.  


Proudest accomplishment?


My 3 kids.  I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never realized the gratification from it.  Even when they were little, just their first steps, when they spoke for the first time and just absorbing the world and then now as they have gotten older, seeing the individuals they have become and that to me is a huge accomplishment because I think, wow, I had something to do with that!



Where is your favorite place to go for a date night on the East side?


My husband and I love Texas de Brazil.  We call it our meat fest. The staff is fabulous and I’ve never had a bad meal.  You can get everything! That’s our go-to place.  


What about your family date night? 


We all like different foods, but we really love Crostata’s in Highland Heights and Otani’s in Mayfield Heights.  


What do you do for “me” time? 


I love to get massages, nails, typical girl stuff.  To be honest, since my girls are all in school, I love hanging out, having lunch or coffee with friends and family!  I like to be with people.  


Do you like to workout?  


I love to work out!


Where do you workout? 


I’m hooked on Pilates.  One of my friends teaches mat and reformer classes, so I’m a dedicated student.  My husband and I decided to do a lifestyle change a few years ago because we didn’t like how we felt.  We workout in the morning and I do Pilates a few times a week. We also coach various sports throughout the year, so running after the kids is always a good workout too!  


What is your proudest mom moment?


Hearing feedback from my kids teachers or other parents that they are kind or doing something for others.  That to me is the best because they are listening to what we are teaching them and I don’t always see that at home!  


What is the biggest challenge, owning your own business and having kids? 


Time management.  I think in this day and age we are all so fixated in what everyone else is doing, if you’re not the Pinterest mom or the volunteer mom, people feel bad about it.  Just do you. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing! Don’t worry about going places and doing things. You don’t know what’s behind someone’s Instagram or Facebook post.  


What do you want to tell your 20 year old self?  What do you wish you would have known when you were younger that you know now? 


Stop fearing life!  I’m the oldest of two and my parents immigrated here, so I always had a level of expectations and get a good job and this is your career path and you follow it.  I wish I didn’t live in fear in my twenties, taken more risks, traveled more. We just get caught up in doing everything “perfect”. The fear of messing up. I’d tell my 20 year old self, who cares, everything is going to work out the way it’s supposed to be.


That’s what I would tell my 20 year old self too!  It’s hard when you are living through something to see the error of our ways.  


But we didn’t know any better.  Experience shapes us or lack thereof as an individual.  


What is something people are surprised to know about your?  


I love to cook and sing.  Cooking is a big part of my existence.  Both of my parents families owned restaurants.  I wish I had more time to do it because I really love cooking and creating meals.  And I love to sing anywhere I can, in the car, shower, sometimes in public.  


What is one thing your husband has taught you about having your business that you wouldn’t have found out on your own? 


Not to fear failure.  His perspective is, “if it’s not going to kill you, keep moving forward.”  I’m always fearful and he’s my calming rock. He always reassures me if someone says no, there’s always another way!   He sees more big picture. I sweat the small stuff. So I try to remember, don’t sweat the small stuff.  


If you take away Peter,  the kids and the business, what is the #1 thing you are most passionate about? 


That is so hard.  Because I’ve been so focused on everyone else since having kids, and I don’t often think about me.  I would say travel. I love experiencing different foods and cultures.  


Is there someone(s) who has helped you with your parenting, who you couldn’t live without? 


First of all, my parents and my mother-in-law are a big part of our lives.  We are fortunate that they all live so close and we are so close to each other.  My kids literally see them every day or on the weekends, they spend time with them.  And I’m very fortunate to have that village behind me. And my husband, Peter, is there too.  I couldn’t do it without them. They all really help me with the juggling of day to day life. 

Emily Delaney

Emily Delaney

Rodan and Fields Consultant


Are you looking for an opportunity to make supplemental income (or more) for you or your family?  Or want to try Rodan and Fields products for yourself or host a party, you can contact Emily at [email protected] or check out her Facebook or Instagram page!!

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