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Meet Lisa!

Apr 7, 2019 | Meet A Mom


Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?

I am originally from Seattle, Washington. My husband and I moved to Cleveland in January 2002 from Europe, where we had lived for i4 years.


Children and Ages?

Our son, Kees, was born in Holland, and he has a Dutch name pronounced “Case.” He is 17.

We had a daughter, Ella, born in Holland who died at 3 months due to liver failure. It was a difficult experience for us and it shaped who I became as a mom later and a woman. Her death was our big tragedy.


One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

I’m an advocate for legalizing prostitution. I spent time in college studying prostitution and travelled to Thailand to study and witness it. They should get free healthcare, too!


Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

Parenting is so hard and so rewarding! I’d like to thank Ellen Barrett from Family Connections (formerly the Heights Parent Center), Becky Bailey and her conscious discipline approach, and my girlfriends who believed in me as a parent.


Favorite things to do with your son?

Travel! My son is the perfect travel companion. He is easy and open and calm! He’s interested in new places, new vistas and views.  But we also watch “Friends” and laugh. When I’m cooking he plays the piano and that’s my favorite time of day.


Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world? Please share!

I moved to Cleveland in January 2002 from Europe where I had been dancing and training in Pilates. I started a business I originally called Pilates Mom and offered pre and post natal classes through the Heights Rec Center and the Heights Parent Center respectively, while also taking private clients at home. My son was a baby and this was a great job for me.

Eventually, I rented the Church of the Redeemer in Cleveland Heights and offered mat classes to local moms at $10 a class. They were full and within a few months, I had 5 levels of Pilates Mat classes as well as Gyrokinesis classes. It was a blast! I met a lot of interesting women and made friends.

As I expanded my services, I changed my business name to Inspiral Motion. My movement studio opened in late 2006 in University Heights.  It was exciting and scary. My son was in Kindergarten at Roxboro Elementary. As he got older, my pre and post natal focus changed toward another modality of movement called the Gyrotonic Expansion System. In 2009 I became a Master Teacher in this technique after extensive travel around the world to complete the Master Certification requirements and now it’s the primary focus of my business. We still offer Pilates and I have some incredible Pilates teachers, but Gyrotonic is my love and passion. It’s like dancing and tai chi meets a machine.  My studio now employs 10 people, 8 teachers and 2 marketing and management divas. Our studio culture is a collaborative, non-competitive work environment, where we support and help one another. We have such a love fest going on at Inspiral.  Our motto this year is Big Love!

We offer teacher training in both the Pilates and Gyrotonic systems and we currently have a Pilates Teacher training starting this month. It’s very exciting for me because it’s the first time I won’t be doing the bulk of training and mentoring in Pilates and it feels so good to have someone else take the torch. Meanwhile, last year and into this year, I trained 12 people (10 local) in the Gyrotonic Expansion System and many of them are teaching now at Inspiral. It’s so gratifying to share this work with people and see them grow and expand their wings.

At Inspiral, we help people feel better in their bodies, get stronger, alleviate pain and stiffness, get more energy. It’s rewarding to watch people grow and learn and feel good. As people improve their posture and open their joints, attitudes shift and wellness becomes more of a priority. Our clients become more interested in other ideas like breath work, massage, Reiki, nutrition, counseling, meditation, chiropractic services, essential oils, and all natural and organic body products, for example. Self-care becomes an idea we promote and eventually, people adopt it.  We try to introduce people to a vast array of wellness opportunities that could enhance their lives and we refer our clients all over Cleveland to different body workers. There’s never any pressure. If they are interested in it, they will be called to action. We simply want our clients feeling better, having less pain and more mobility, and doing their best to fight any destructive addictions, enjoy more energy, eat well and love this life!!

Meanwhile, I feel very called to offer kids opportunities to get interesting experience. I feel it’s the responsibility of business owners to create possibilities for kids so they can get interaction experience. So, we offer creative internships to high school kids in the summer so they can get some fun experience (making movies, pod casting, etc) and paid internships to college students in marketing and management. I love having young people and their influence in the studio because they are so creative and think of the world outside our adult boxes.

I am currently trying to start a program for professional and pre-professional dancers so I can give back to the art community. Opening a satellite studio is also in the works! I really love my work and feel so lucky that we moved to Cleveland. My business is thriving and I am so happy. Cleveland has been good to us in so many ways.

What does this community mean to you?

I’ve been really lucky in Cleveland. I was able to create a place for myself and make friends. Over time, I built a career and a business. My friends and clients have always been so kind to me and have supported me over the years. I still have clients I had in 2003! Pilates is still not very popular in Cleveland like it is in other cities, but it is growing and people have really taken to the Gyrotonic system and all it has to offer.

I feel very loyal to Cleveland. It has been a place of healing and love for us. My husband and I talked about leaving Cleveland and moving to either my original home in Seattle, or his in Maine years ago. But how could I leave this awesome life we’ve created here and all our friends? I love Cleveland. We have a house we could never afford in Seattle. Our neighbors are awesome, my business is thriving, I have the most wonderful clients and friends. Our son is so happy and has tons of interesting and diverse friends from all over Cleveland!

Moving forward, I want to continue to provide excellent services to my clients and also offer anything new they might enjoy.


Anything else you’d like to share?  Words of wisdom?

Pick a charity, a cause, an organization and donate something small!  Your soul will feel better and your brain will recognize that you are helping to make this world a better place.  Sometimes we get so barraged by charity solicitations, it’s hard to pick. Every quarter I pick a charity and make a small donation. This quarter it was 4 Oceans. It was a small donation to help clean up our beaches and oceans but it was meaningful to me. Local and far away, this planet and its inhabitants need a little love from all of us on the East Side of Cleveland!!

If people want to try out the studio, they can go to and request a consultation or they can call 216-320-9446. We have discounted consultations with our amazing teachers!

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