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Etsy Gift Guide

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Gift Guide


There have been many times in my life where I have a great idea for a gift but absolutely no idea where to shop for it.  When I discovered Etsy, it was a total game-changer.  Suddenly anything I could think of was being made and sold by someone!  For those people on your list who are especially difficult to buy for, Etsy can be a savior.  Now is about the right time to start your holiday shopping from artisans.  When the merchant has to physically MAKE your order, it can take a bit longer to ship it out to you!

Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops, broken out loosely by category.  Happy shopping!

For the New or Expectant Mom (or baby!)

Love Blue Cats

This shop (based out of Athens, Greece) makes exquisite wool baby mobiles by hand.  Absolutely adorable, and such a great, unique gift idea for a new mom or mom-to-be.



Eclectic Badger

Adorable, organic, hand-made baby clothes.  Whether you have a new baby at home or you’re gifting clothing to a mom-to-be, these adorable outfits are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.  Plus, this shop will give you a 10% discount if you pin items 3 times!  Pretty sweet deal, right?  



Village North Baby

If Eclectic Badger isn’t your style, Village North surely is.  Here’s another super cute boutique specializing in organic, hand-made baby clothes.  Don’t you just want to squish all the baby models in these pictures?!



Prosto Concept Nursery Pillows & Decor

If you’ve got someone on your list in need of unique nursery decor, this is the shop for you.  These guys make the most adorable pillows, sure to bring a unique design element to any nursery.  Check them out.



Anya Lu Crochet

For Christmas last year, one of my good friends gave me a set of matching hats for me and my younger son.  We love them and still wear them often.  I am also a huge fan of chunky hand-made knits, so this store was quick to make it to my favorites. If you’re a mom like me (or have a mom like me on your holiday gift list), this shop is one to visit.



Carlene Westburg Quilts

Back when I was pregnant with my first son, I planned his nursery down to the smallest of accents.  I user Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go as inspiration, but of course I didn’t like any mass-produced items.  I found some excellent quilts in this Etsy shop, but none of them were quite right.  I orderd my quilt from this store, but it was a custom order.  Carlene was the most patient woman in the world, putting up with endless back & forth and bringing my vision to life.  My custom creation was a variation on the picture above (unfortunately no longer for sale), but she has so many other lovely designs and is a true joy to work with.  Check out her store.



For Kids


Most people don’t think ‘handmade’ and ‘kids’ go together, but these shops beg to differ, and so do !!  I love giving children unique gifts that their friends won’t have – it teaches individuality from a young age, even if it’s a subtle lesson.

Lovelane Designs

Hand-made play wear for kids – which is another way to say dress-up clothes and costumes!  Fantastic.



Claws & Fangs Needle and Felting Shop

These guys make absolutely adorable hand-made felt toys and ornaments.  You have to see them to believe them, they’re that cute.



My Waldorf Doll

Every now and then, you come across a toy so beautifully crafted that you can’t help but wish you were a kid again.  I was a little girl obsessed with dolls, so for me, a beautiful Waldorf doll makes me yearn for childhood.  It is a piece of art that can be loved and passed down to the next generation, a gift that creates a story, gets it’s own history, has adventures.  I cannot wait to give one of these dolls as a gift someday, and when I do, it’ll come from this shop.  These dolls are just gorgeous.



For the Lady in your Life


Mom or not, these shops will bring a smile to someone’s face.

Azul Sol Linen Dresses

Direct to you from Spain, these gorgeous hand-made linen dresses carry with them the yearning for a slow stroll through the sand.  I purchased a dress from this vendor for a friend’s destination wedding many years ago and I still wear it.  The shop owner is a breeze to work with and will customize an order for you if you ask!



Tom Design Jewelry

I still get compliments every time I wear my Ohio necklace!  This vendor specializes in wedding favors (which is actually how I GOT my Ohio necklace), but there’s no reason you can’t take that same concept to holiday shopping.  Tom Design also sells initial neclaces and all kinds of assorted jewelry. 





We all have those people who have everything or who want nothing.  Here are a few shops I’ve favored over the years that really do offer gifts for everyone on your list.  

Bramble & Beene Leather Goods

This shop is one of my all-time favorite Etsy finds!  I discovered it hunting for a great gift for my husband for our Leather anniversary.  Their leather luggage tags are gorgeous and affordable, and their ornaments would make a great Christmas keepsake for anyone on your list.  They’ve got lots of great things to choose from that would easily fit in a Christmas stocking, all for affordable prices.  These are great gifts for the people with wanderlust for sure!



Susabella’s Ceramics

Gorgeous custom ceramic gifts for anyone on your list, including your pets!



Zotter the Potter

We received a gorgeous ceramic vase from this shop for our wedding, customized with our last name and our wedding date.  It remains one of my favorite wedding gifts, and this shop has stayed in my favorites ever since.  I have given pitchers, vases, and crocks for almost every wedding I’ve attended since!  The craftsmanship from this potter is outstanding.



Lulu Bird Pottery Shop

I’m a sucker for a great hand-made coffee mug.  In fact, I have a goal of replacing all of our store-bought mugs with hand-made substitutes.  It’s artisans like these that give me such drives.  Seriously, how beautiful are these mugs?!



Wicks Forge

If you have a guy in you life who is tough to buy for, consider getting them something completely unique and totally handy – like a custom bottle opener that is hand-forged by a steelmaker.  Bet they don’t have one of those!



Lazy River Studios

Quality hand-crafted wooden signs.  And by quality, I mean QUALITY.  I ordered a sign from Scott for my 5th anniversary gift to my husband this year.  Outstanding craftsmanship doesn’t begin to describe how amazing it turned out.  You should check his store out immediately.



For Clevelanders!


Who doesn’t love shopping local??  These Etsy vendors not only have great products, but they’re also based right here in Cleveland!



So CLE Tees

What’s better than matching family t-shirts?  Matching family CLEVELAND t-shirts, of course!  Imagine your next family photo session with everyone wearing ‘No Mistake Here’ shirts – doesn’t that image make you smile?



The Cleveland Craftsman

How awesome would this wooden Cleveland skyline piece look above your couch?  Not from here but live here now?  He probably makes your home town skyline too .  His shop also has some awesome hand-carved wooden ornaments – take a look!



For Pets

90% of my Etsy shopping occurs when I need to get new collars for my dogs!  I try a new vendor every time.

Fido Fashion Collars

Here’s the store I most recently purchased collars from.  Thanks to these guys, our Springer Spaniel is now decked out in faux Burberry.  Win.



Cooper Bear Dog Shop

A boutique Etsy store for everything Dog!



Happy Pooch

For the pet parents out there, this shop is the bomb.  They sell custom clothes, harnesses, collars, and leashes for your furry children.  If your family has a four-legged member that requires another layer to stay warm in Cleveland winters, this shop is for you!



Design My Dog

Another one for pet parents – have your pet’s face made into merchandise!  Because who doesn’t want to carry around a giant tote bag with a picture of their dog on it?!  



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