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Story Telling Family Puppet Craft

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Crafts


Does your child love to tell stories? Or are you looking for a way to help them express themselves? This project will give your child the opportunity to create and explore imaginative play!


Find a family photo and sit down to discuss it together. Talk about each person if your family. “What do you notice about each of us? How about hair color and eye color? Who is the tallest?”


Story Telling Family Puppet Craft Supplies – What You’ll Need

Elmer’s Glue (Washable)

Packaging Tape


Hot Glue Gun

Sharpie Markers

Craft Sticks

Black Construction Paper


Story Telling Family Puppet Craft Instructions


Count how many people are in your family. Cut cardstock into pieces. Give your child one piece of cardstock for each person in your family.


Invite your child to draw each person. I use Sharpies for this project because they show up so boldly, but feel free to use whatever writing material works best for your family. Label each person.


Cut out person and mount on black construction paper. I use Pacon construction paper. Cut out again. Next, laminate each person. If you do not have access to a laminator, packaging tape works great! Just tape all the way around the person and cut out again, leaving a small border of tape so it does not peel apart.


Using a hot glue gun, attach each person onto a thick craft stick.


Use the family puppets in a dollhouse, with action figures, to re-enact family outings, or tell make believe stories!

Courtney McKeegan

Courtney McKeegan

Author, Little Explorations

Meet Courtney – process art enthusiast, children’s book lover, play-based preschool teacher.

With a background in early childhood education, childrens yoga certification, STEAM-based workshop design + facilitation, eBook publishing and years of preschool experience, Courtney has discovered working with children is what comes most naturally to her. 

Courtney is passionate about creating opportunities for children to become their favorite versions of themselves. She feels strongly about fostering a love for learning through exploration and play. Courtney teaches preschool full time. In her free time she likes to discover new restaurants with her wife, Liz, and play in the backyard with their pup, Berkeley. She lives and works on Cleveland’s East side.

Follow her on Instagram (@little_explorations) or check out her eBook, Little Explorations, for some other great craft ideas!

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