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Mouse Heart Valentines

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Crafts


If you’re looking for a fun and easy Valentines Day project for the whole family, look no further than these mouse valentines.  This is an easy and fun craft project that is good for kids of all ages (and parents too!) and you can get as clever as you want with it!  For our project, we went super basic, but there are truly endless possibilities.  Add clothing, facial expressions, jewelry, hair … customize these babies specifically for who will receive them.  


Supplies needed:

Construction paper


Glue sticks and/or Elmer’s Glue

(optional) pipe cleaners for tails (you can also cut these out of construction paper if you prefer)

(optional) pom poms for noses (ditto)

(optional) glitter/other decorative items for the adventurous


This craft is scissor-intensive, so depending on the ages of the craft participants, you may want to cut everything out beforehand.  You will need arms, legs, a mouth, and 3 different sized hearts for each mouse.  The hearts should be LARGE (5-6″ long), MEDIUM (4-5″ long), and SMALL (3-4″ long).  Cut each of these pieces out of construction paper of all different colors.  



Mouse Heart Valentines Step 1

create a template for each of your cut-outs.  I use a basic teardrop template for the hearts and I just traced a arm with hand and a foot with leg out of black construction paper.  For the large heart, it is especially important to retain the teardrop shape because this is the body of the mouse and the ‘heart’ isn’t exposed until the valentine is opened:


heart mouse valentines

teardrop template

Mouse Heart Valentines Step 2

Fold a a bunch of paper and get everything cut out!  This is a great way to involve younger kids and older kids alike.

valentine heart mouse

folding construction paper


Here’s what your supplies will look like when everything is ready to go:

valentines heart mouse

all the supplies ready!


Mouse Heart Valentines Step 3

Grab a pipe cleaner, a SMALL heart, and a MEDIUM heart.  Glue the small heart to the medium heart, making sure the pipe cleaner is between the two.

mouse heart valentines

ears and tail

Mouse Heart Valentines Step 4

Glue the hands and the feet onto the ears and tail you’ve already constructed.


mouse heart valentines

hands and feet attached

Mouse Heart Valentines Step 5

Fold a large heart in half so that it looks like a tear drop – this is the body of the mouse.  Then glue the body onto the ears, tail, legs, and hands with the pointy side of the teardrop facing up.


mouse heart valentines


Here’s what your valentine will look like after this step:

mouse heart valentines

almost finished!

Mouse Heart Valentines Step 6

Curl the mouse tail around a pencil, glue on the pom-pom nose (you can also just use a small construction paper heart or circle) and the mouth (which you can also draw on if you prefer).

mouse heart valentines

Curling the tail

Mouse Heart Valentines Step 7

Write ‘Happy Valentines Day’ inside and sign your name – you’re done!

mouse heart valentines

signing his name

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