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Cardboard Warm Colors Collage

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Crafts


If you’re anything like me, your weekly (okay, sometimes daily!) Amazon Prime boxes pile up quickly. Today I have an idea to help recycle and repurpose those boxes while giving your kids some time to explore creatively.

Process Art is the philosophy that the process is more important than the product. It is rooted in the idea that providing materials and opportunities to explore, opposed to following specific directions, will foster a passion for art and creating.


In Process Art, the setting up is just as important as the doing. Organizing materials in an inviting way helps attract children and ignite ideas. Wire basketsmetal bowls, and lazy susans are perfect for setting up writing materials. Mason jarssilicone muffin linersmuffin tins, and ramekins are perfect for setting up paint. Covering the table with Kraft paper or newspaper helps big time with mess and clean up!

Suggested Supplies (set-up)

Kraft Paper

Paint Brushes

Wire Basket

Silicone Muffin Liners

Metal Bowls

Lazy Susan

Shallow Mason Jars

Muffin Tins

Project Supplies

Elmer’s Glue (Washable)

Tempera Paint

Collage Materials

Cardboard Box


Break down a cardboard box until it can lay flat. Place the box inside facing up (so the packaging labels are not showing!) Set out bowls of warm color tempera paint. Shades of red, pink, yellow, orange, and golds look beautiful together.

Using foam brushes while painting on cardboard helps the colors show up brightly. Invite children to cover the cardboard with paint. The nice part about using all warm colors is the more they mix the better it looks!



After paint dries, set out bowls of collage materials. Use items like pom poms, bits of yarn or ribbon, or sequins. When choosing materials, stick with the warm color family. Pour white glue into bowl and add paintbrushes. Children stick materials onto cardboard with glue.

If your children enjoyed making this warm color collage, repeat with cool colors! Shades of blue, purple, green, and silver make a beautiful piece of artwork.

Courtney McKeegan

Courtney McKeegan

Author, Little Explorations

Meet Courtney – process art enthusiast, children’s book lover, play-based preschool teacher.

With a background in early childhood education, childrens yoga certification, STEAM-based workshop design + facilitation, eBook publishing and years of preschool experience, Courtney has discovered working with children is what comes most naturally to her. 

Courtney is passionate about creating opportunities for children to become their favorite versions of themselves. She feels strongly about fostering a love for learning through exploration and play. Courtney teaches preschool full time. In her free time she likes to discover new restaurants with her wife, Liz, and play in the backyard with their pup, Berkeley. She lives and works on Cleveland’s East side.

Follow her on Instagram (@little_explorations) or check out her eBook, Little Explorations, for some other great craft ideas!

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