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Bubble Wrap Prints

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Crafts


Creating art with kids is a great way to reuse and recycle materials around the house. Today’s project is super easy, turns out beautifully, and helps the environment! Do you have bubble wrap laying around from all those holiday packages? Give the bubble wrap one more purpose before tossing it!


Choose colors of paint.

I like to limit my colors to three. This helps avoid everything mixing and muddling. I usually do a bold color like black or gray, a metallic, and something really bright to pop. This project is done in layers so the colors generally stay pretty separate!


Pour tempera paint onto trays.

My tempera paint and trays are both Colorations. They have really accessible art supplies for young kids. The trays are easy to wash and the paint washes out of clothes.


Give your child a piece of bubble wrap to explore. “How do the bubbles feel? What do you notice about this texture?”


Cut bubble wrap into small square sections.

This project works best if you have two different sizes of bubble wrap. I like to cut my bubble wrap just a bit smaller than the trays.


Next, give each child a large sheet of paper.

Some good brands of paper to use with kids are Canson or Pacon. Simple computer paper you already have at home works great, too!


Model the printmaking process for kids.

modeling bubble wrap printing

Lay bubble wrap (bubble side down) onto tray of paint. Gently pat down onto bubble wrap in tray. Slowly peel back bubble wrap and lay onto paper, gently pat down without rubbing. Peel back bubble wrap to reveal bubble print! While your child works, ask them “This process is called printmaking. What do you notice about the prints on the paper?”


Repeat this process with another size bubble wrap in a different color paint.

Fill paper with as many prints as your child likes! To make another layer of circle prints, add different size lids like mason jars or baby food to the tray of paint. Use the lids to stamp circle prints on top of bubble wrap prints. “How many different size circles do you see?”

children making bubble wrap prints

Try different color combinations or repeat with other textures and shapes you find around the house!

About the Author

Meet Courtney – process art enthusiast, children’s book lover, play-based preschool teacher.

With a background in early childhood education, childrens yoga certification, STEAM-based workshop design + facilitation, eBook publishing and years of preschool experience, Courtney has discovered working with children is what comes most naturally to her. 

Courtney is passionate about creating opportunities for children to become their favorite versions of themselves. She feels strongly about fostering a love for learning through exploration and play. Courtney teaches preschool full time. In her free time she likes to discover new restaurants with her wife, Liz, and play in the backyard with their pup, Berkeley. She lives and works on Cleveland’s East side.

Follow her on Instagram (@little_explorations) or check out her eBook, Little Explorations, for some other great craft ideas!

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