Foster Care & Adoption

Our Journey

For anyone out there who has considered adoption through foster care, you know the resources available to you are pretty scant.  The process is daunting, time consuming, and invasive, but ultimately (I hope!) worth it.  These posts contain our family’s personal take on growing your family through foster-to-adopt exclusively through state agencies.  I try my best to post here monthly but sometimes it’s impossible.  If you’re following these posts, please subscribe to the mailing list and help bring awareness through sharing them socially.  My goal is to help spread awareness in this process, and that won’t happen without all of your help.   Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback.  Every positive affirmation helps drive us forward!

Foster Care – Our First Placement Story

Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted about our foster care journey, partially because literally nothing was happening, and partly because I wanted to take the first few weeks of our first placement for us as a family before writing about it to...

Adoption Costs and Why We Chose to Foster

Have you ever stopped to think about why adoption is so expensive? I have. This post breaks it down for you and explains our choice to grow our family through adopting from foster care.

Foster Care – Following the Need

Why foster care? Why this hard path? For us the answer is simple. If you want to help, you follow the need. It’s never the easy road …

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