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Counting Blessings during COVID-19

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Blog


I have to admit, when the world shut down in March, I thought I would be ready for it.  I mean, I’m a pretty introverted person, a serious homebody and when I heard everything was closing, I thought I was going to thrive.  I was SO wrong!!  Homeschooling my kids turned out to be a horrible experience.  I thought I was going to get my house organized and cleaned out, sleep, catch up on shows I’ve missed out on, cook, etc.  I mean it kind of turned into a nightmare over in my corner of the world.  Every time my husband came home from work, I was a wreck.  He works in a hospital and I thought everything he touched when he came home, he would transfer the virus to us. I made him take off his clothes and shoes in the car and go directly upstairs to take a hot shower.  He couldn’t pass go until that shower!   My hair fell out, my skin broke out, I started eating junk food in massive proportions and my kids stayed in their pajamas all day long (as did I)!  I wasn’t working out and I really needed time away from my family!  If you lived near me, you would have seen me outside with my kids playing red light-green light in my pajamas with bed head, at my worst (if any of you are reading this, I’m truly sorry!!!).  


But, around mid-May I realized I had to snap myself out of the funk and make things better!!  it wasn’t healthy for me or my family.  I could either continue going down the rabbit hole or I could pick myself up and make it better!  So, I started writing down 10 things I was thankful for each day!  I have to admit, some days looked like the day before, but after about 2 weeks of doing it every morning, I started to feel better!  I started to get some energy again.  It didn’t hurt that the weather was getting better and we could be outside more and more.  After school ended at the end of May, I made it a point to hightail it out of the house as much as we could!  We went for long walks in our neighborhood or hikes in the Metroparks.   It felt good to have fresh air in my lungs and the sun on my face!  It felt good to see my kids smile and laugh and tell me to stop taking pictures of them because I constantly took pictures of them during quarantine.   It became my outlet during and still after.  I absolutely love it!!  


While I was writing down things that I was thankful for each day, my mood dramatically changed.  I found myself wanting to do things, less mood swings and happier times!!  And as I was writing down things in the past few months, I’ve realized that while homeschooling my kids, temporarily losing jobs, staying at home all had positive sides to them!!   And while summer isn’t over, we have made the most of this time and I’m happier for it!!  


Here are my positives that came out of this mess!  I encourage you to take some time and figure out what your positives are and ask your kids to do the same.  If they can’t write or spell, ask them to create a picture of what this time means to them!!  My kids always say they are happy that they can spend so much time with Pete and I, without having to rush around going from one place to another!  That’s HUGE!  And that’s something we will continue sometime in the future for them!!  It’s something that we will change when life gets busy and crazy again!!  So, again, here are my top 10 blessings that came out of quarantine despair!  I am forever grateful for them!


  1.  The ability to stay home with my kids and give them more attention and bond closer!
  2.  We made ourselves tourists in our hometown and discovered amazing places in and around Cleveland!!  It makes me wonder why we waited so long to discover them!!
  3. My kids are having an “80’s summer”!  Bike rides with friends, staying up way too late, campouts in the backyard, s’mores galore, mini-pools in the yard, sprinklers on all day and giant Flav-or-Ice Pops!
  4. I went through my entire house and have a huge pile of clothes and other things to give away or sell!! 
  5. I made more friends in the community, business owners, chefs, and other professionals in the area!  People in Cleveland are really awesome.  It made me love living here even more!!  
  6. I fell in love with my kid’s school again.  Well, I never really fell out of love with it, but since my son transferred at the beginning of the year, it made me appreciate his teachers way more than I would have.  They really rallied around him to help him succeed, something he really didn’t ever have at his old school.  They focused on his positives instead of his negatives and it gave him more confidence to step up and succeed.  Even though every step of going to school at home was difficult, those teachers changed how he thought of himself in 5 short months (someday I might speak about his experience at his old school, but I’m not sure he wants me to divulge that, but let me just say, stand up for your kids and don’t be afraid to take them out of a bad situation, even if you think you are stuck, there is always another way! Unfortunately, it took me 6 years to learn that, but I’m happy he (us) is out of that situation!)
  7. We discovered Lake Life!!  And it’s awesome!!  
  8. Our MetroParks are amazing and we could walk every day in them and still find incredible places to go!!  Truly a Cleveland gem!!  
  9. My husband and I have more time to talk!!  This is huge!!  We were both so busy going to practices, games, and classes with the kids, that we didn’t have time to really sit down and talk each day!  So, now we do!  
  10. We’ve been able to save some money.  I’m not sure how because I feel like our grocery bill has tripled, but we are and it feels really great!!  



If you are feeling like quarantine life has got you down, try writing down some positives!!  Put your list on the fridge and look at it all day long and I bet you will start to feel better too!!!  




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