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Why Results Fitness is More Than a Gym

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Around Town





So, what makes Results Fitness so unique?


Why have we been voted the #1 gym Cleveland for several years in a row?


Why do humans of all ages, skill levels and experience see such incredible results?


[Answer] Results Fitness isn’t your run of the mill “gym”.  A gym is where people go for access to space + equipment. 


Results Fitness is a community – a place you belong for access to real people who genuinely care:  

  • Access to humans with shared interests, passions + a hunger to live life better. 
  • Access to coaches who are knowledgeable, fun, and work with you so you always know what to do and how to do it to achieve the results you want.   
  • Access to meaningful experiences that make you feel connected and part of something really cool, really fun and really inspiring.


When you belong to a community, people notice if you don’t show up, care when you have a shitty day and move any mountains getting in the way of your success.


Remember what you felt on your very first day of school not knowing anyone, where to go or what to do?  Would you be accepted? Make friends? Have someone to sit with at lunch?


What you felt – we’ve all been there! And, it probably strikes a familiar chord when thinking about how you have or would feel walking into a gym for the first time:


  ….Out of place




….Like you don’t belong


….Like you’ll never keep up


These feelings are normal. Most of us feel a little embarrassed, “out of shape” and hopeless when thinking about joining a typical gym.   We worry we’ll never keep up because we’ve never done anything like this before or have an injury or ailment holding us back like a cranky back or lingering knee issue.  Because of these fears, you may be ready to make a change, but hesitant to actually get started.  


For many of us, getting started is the hardest and scariest part.  However, the best thing you can do for yourself is muster up the courage and confidence to take that first step.  But the key won’t be making that first step, it will be where that first step leads you.  


Your first step should lead you to a place filled with genuine humans anxious to become your biggest cheerleaders.  Humans who will make you feel at ease before even knowing your name. Your first step should open the doors to an inclusive space where you can be your authentic self, have some fun, get better every day, and THRIVE! 


The Results Fitness community rolls deep.  It’s a community where everyone knows your name (we’re like the “Cheers” of gyms).  It’s a community where people aren’t members – they’re Warriors! That’s right – everyone who belongs to Results Fitness is an RF Warrior because they are prepared to show up, work hard, have fun, learn something new, and get 1% better every day. Inside the gym, we collectively believe in working hard and (duh) having loads of fun!


Outside the gym, our friendships, connections and compassion for one another doesn’t end.  This isn’t like a one-night stand where if we see ya in public, we turn our heads. We don’t believe in just sweating together and then parting ways.  Heck NO! We believe in staying connecting outside the walls of our beloved fitness haven. 




Because we really, really, really like each other (who wouldn’t?)!!!  Plus, research shows having a solid support system drastically increases your level of commitment, effort and results.  Could you even imagine showing up to your workout class and not knowing anyone around you? Not laughing or having any sort of fun? Worse yet, arriving for class and not being acknowledged? As in, no friendly face to greet you and ask how your day was?!  UGGGGG- sounds like a dreadful nightmare! Hard pass on that workout! 



The RF Community kicks ass both on and off the training floor.  Here’s a short list of cool shit we do together: we play softball, we go on runs, we hike, we picnic, we paintball, we whirly ball, we celebrate important life milestones like birthdays, weddings + showers, we toast at happy hour, we break bead, we volunteer for important causes and local non-profits.  We also support one another when life gets hard and demands a shoulder to learn or cry on.


Community is everything and each Warriors remain the heart and soul of Results Fitness.  It’s truly an infectious group of humans – the types of people you want to be around because they make life better. 


Maybe we’re biased (probably), but there is something particularly special about the RF community, the way people stay connected outside the gym, how everyone genuinely cares about one another and how the friendships fill our proverbial cups. Random acts of kindness, encouragement and thoughtfulness happen all the time and it’s awe-inspiring to witness these exchanges occur, especially when least expected. It’s like we all came for the workout, but stayed for the people. That is beautiful.



At Results Fitness, you really do feel like you have an extended family. Not only do we work out together, but we do outside activities together as well. If you are a person struggling with motivation, you’ll find the welcoming environment and friendly faces a huge help in getting you off the couch and in the door, handing you a kettlebell on your way in. I hope we’ll get to welcome you soon!  




I’ve been a part of the Results family (yes, you’re family when you’re here) for a little over a month now and I am beyond impressed with not only the changes I’m seeing in my body from the ever changing and challenging, yet accessible workouts but the staff here. It’s the coaches that truly set Results apart from the rest. They take the time to get to know you AND your body. They will work with you if you are nursing an old injury (like me) to help find modifications that don’t lessen the intensity but rather don’t do more harm than good. I cannot say enough good things about Results to do it justice, you need to experience it for yourself, so come check them out on a Social Saturday and see what all the fun is about !




The members are very welcoming and there is a strong sense of community and comradery that I haven’t felt at other facilities. It is such a fun environment. Everyday you feel supported – motivating you to do a little more, push a little harder.





This post was provided & sponsored by Results Fitness.

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