What we did this week: September 8-15, 2019 | Cleveland East Side Moms

What we did this week: September 8-15, 2019

by | Sep 15, 2019 | Around Town


This week was super crazy because the kids and I have been sick, my son more than anyone (pneumonia…YIKES) !!  So, remember when I told you some weeks would be magical and really exciting and some weeks wouldn’t?  Well, this is kind of one of those “not so much” weeks!!  But, we did manage to throw in some fun here and there!


Last Sunday, my son had another football game!!  He was very happy to have 5 sacks and their team won!!!  It’s an exciting time for him because he has always wanted to play tackle football and we’ve always been hesitant.  But he’s doing a great job!!



This week consisted of me having PTO meetings, meeting with clients and getting to go to Nora in Little Italy.  Have you been?  Because it was my first time and I can’t wait to go back!!  The ravioli was amazing.  Filled with dates and walnuts and topped with the best au jus from the short ribs.  They literally melted in your mouth.  Then we had octopus with an extremely yummy corn puree!  And the wine was also amazing.  I haven’t had a glass of wine that delicious at a restaurant in a LONG time!  They have really stepped up the bar in Little Italy at this restaurant!  You MUST go check it out, perfect for a date night or girls night out (or meeting with clients).




The rest of the week we just kind of laid low and visited the doctors!  Hopefully this illness leaves our home quickly because my son has SO.MUCH. SCHOOL. WORK. to get completed.  I feel really bad for him!  Here’s some pics of the rest of the week and a fun trip to Spirit Halloween!!    







Lastly, that storm.  WOW!!  Luckily we had our dead trees taken down 2 weeks ago, but we still had branches everywhere.  We were fortunate, as I know some people lost their cars, part of their houses, etc to these big Heights trees!!  We did lose electricity, but there is really not much to complain about.  I’m actually enjoying most of it.  I’ve been able to get projects done around there house, they kids are actually PLAYING with their toys.  The only thing that stinks is our freezer and fridge full of food that has to be thrown away 🙁



This week,  I still need to get laundry done. And now I can’t because, well, no electricity (hour 39ish….I’m counting)  



Tell us what you did this week or have planned for this coming week!!  We’d love to include some readers adventures!!

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