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The Womb Wellness Center

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Around Town


Self-care is the buzzword among mothers these days, thankfully. Someone finally realized this is a win-win for us all and spread the word. Now we just need to find the time, the place, the thing that is self-care to us. Sometimes it’s the go to – manicures, pedicures, bubble baths. Sometimes it may be truly living in a moment, sitting quietly in a memory. It can be an experience but it can also be experiencing something internal as well, something that touches us or reminds us of something from long ago. I was lucky enough to experience both of these kinds of self-care on a recent trip to get a post partum massage at The Womb Wellness Center.


I open the door and it hits me. Incense burning, swirling, dissipating. And just like that I’m transported back to the bustling streets of Asia where I had spent a good amount of time traveling back in my twenties. The temples, sweet smelling, pitter patter of bare feet, soft murmurs of awe. The hot sun and scarves covering your bare shoulders or legs. Prayers and orange robes. Yellow flowers and offerings. Wind and street grit in your face as you zip along in a tuk tuk wondering at the thought that you’re actually here and wondering at the same time where life is going to take you. Everything so free that if you wanted to you could disappear down a back alley and become a completely new person. This moment of remembrance is self-care – acknowledging where you came from, what you’ve experienced, a different version of you, a younger version from a place further back in time. Sometimes it helps to pay respect to that person, the one who frolicked and explored and got lost in someone else’s home. Certain places can flood you with memories and instantly remind you of these small but shining moments in your past and fill you with gratitude for all you’ve experienced up until this point- the foreign faces, hot bowls of spicy food from a roadside stall, the markets, the wats, the motorbikes. And you recognize the richness of your experience by such a tiny trigger – here, as I waited for my massage, it happened to be the incense.


Jolynn shows me to a small room, low lit, warmth. I can’t wait to get cozy on that table. But first. She sits down with me and asks me questions- about the birth, about the baby. How was I doing? How was breastfeeding going? How was my support system? She takes her time and offers me recommendations for the clogged ducts I’ve been experiencing way too often, commiseration about the loneliness often found in motherhood but seldom talked about, and empathy for the newness of it all. I feel heard, understood, safe. This part alone, the feeling of solidarity in that moment, is worth it. But, happily, the experience has just started. The table is warmed, there are pillows and props to accommodate any of your needs. The massage itself is attentive, reflective of what was discussed before¬- moving from back, to shoulders, arms, legs, head, even the oh so vulnerable belly is attended to with hands that are sure but sensitive. It’s quiet, peaceful, calming. It lets you let go.


I have had plenty of massage experiences in my life and I don’t recall most of them being anything special. This place is. It’s the closest thing I’ve experienced to what they call ‘mothering the mother’ – in fact, that’s exactly what they do. From doula services to acupuncture to prenatal and postpartum massage – there are so many ways to self-care – you just need to go and if you’re lucky, maybe it will trigger a quiet moment of remembrance, a nod to your past life, and you’ll leave ready to recommit to and embrace your new one.


The Womb Wellness Center is located at 6200 Som Center Rd, A-24 Solon, OH, 44139. You can visit their website by clicking on their logo below to learn more about all of their offerings or to book an appointment.

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