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Reasons not to Quit – Why a Gym Membership in Summer is Smart

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by | May 28, 2019 | Around Town, Sponsored, Wellness

Well Cleveland, it seems like we have once again bypassed spring and headed straight into summer!  And summer means swimming, BBQs, bike rides, and lots more time outdoors, right?  Right!


Well, it also means that lots of people quit the gym they belong to for the summer months, thinking they’ll get their exercise outdoors and can save a little $$ in the process.  You’ve probably read all about why we love Burn Boot Camp, but if that post doesn’t motivate you to stay the course this summer, here are a other reasons that should keep you & your gym membership active!


Childcare, yo.

How many of you have the best of intentions when it comes to working out, but then your kids need something and suddenly your needs get pushed to the back burner?  Burn Boot Camp has free childcare with your membership, so if you ever want a quick break from parent life so you can dedicate an hour to yourself, this constant holds true (especially throughout the summer months when kids are home from school!).  This is reason enough to stick with the program.  Other gyms in the area provide similar services (generally with fees involved).


Routines take work.

If you’re in a great gym routine, it took a lot of hard work and consistency to get you there.  It takes more than a month to form a solid routine, guys.  Don’t break that because you want to save a few $$ a month over the summer.  It is really, truly not worth it. You’ll have to re-do all of that hard work again in the fall when you re-join.  No joke.


Consistency is easier than re-starting

You’re in your groove – hitting consistent workouts on a consistent schedule.  Maybe you’re not enjoying it, but you’re getting it done!  Guess what?  Re-starting is a whole lot harder mentally than maintaining is.  If you’re bored with your workout routine, challenge yourself more, not less.


Community is Invaluable

Burn Boot Camp isn’t just a place to work out.  It’s an entire community of health-minded individuals that are there to keep you and your fitness/wellness goals on track.  Leaving that behind for a few months means you’re on your own.  If you’re tracking well and making progress, that isn’t a smart move.  It takes a village to raise children, right?  Why wouldn’t you want a village of support to maintain your health, too?


You deserve the “Me Time”

Summer is not a mandate to spend every waking moment with your children.  Wellness starts with self-care, and self-care means really dedicating some time to YOURSELF.  Your gym membership forces you to do this, if you use it!  So use it!


Keep Your Word to Yourself

How many of you break promises to yourself more often than you break promises to others?  Probably everyone, right?  Strive to be the most consistent with the promises you make for yourself and watch how quickly life starts to improve for you.  Burn Boot Camp will absolutely help you do this.  Through guided workouts hitting specific parts of the body and tailored nutrition, you’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel when you stop flaking out on yourself.  Quitting your gym membership is the same thing as breaking a promise to yourself, because you STARTED the gym for you, right?  Seriously.   Think about it.



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