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Postpartum Healing – A Short List of Essentials

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Around Town, Products and Services


The first weeks postpartum are a complete blur – at least they were for me – and based on all the stories I’ve heard from so many other mothers, for them too – so really this seems like a solid fact. The physical demands of giving nutrition to a tiny human every three hours around the clock makes your head spin. Sleep deprivation follows closely behind & ravenous hunger is a real thing. Your body is just beginning the long road to healing, your eyes are heavy, your stomach is a hollow pit (literally) that you just can’t keep full. Here are three things that simply gave me happiness (and addressed some of these things) postpartum – because we all need a little happy when we are in the throws of newborn hysteria.

The Belly Binder

After giving birth, I felt so hollow and so my tummy, so vulnerable. All my organs just floating around trying to remember where they used to live. It was an emptiness that made me feel very unsettled. This product made me feel more stable and protected instantly. I also think it really helped my belly shrink faster. It is so worth getting.

The Aromatherapy Sleep Mask

I have never been a sleep mask person. But when we purchased The Buffy (which is an amazing comforter btw), they threw in a free sleep mask. Hooray for unexpected freebies! I hung it off my headboard and never used it, that is, until my little guy was born. One night or day or nap? my eyes hurt so bad, they were so tired, so I decided to give it a shot. When I put it over my eyes- instant bliss. All of a sudden the aromas of lavender washed over me and put me to sleep. And I was hooked. It’s not about blocking the light- it’s about giving your eyes a pillow to rest on. It is a luxury you totally deserve right now.

Bagels & Bone Broth

Bialys bagels to be exact. Seriously – these bagels? Amazing. These bagels with whipped cream cheese can go toe to toe with breastfeeding hunger. I looked forward to these everyday. And I still think about them. And the proverbial cherry on top is a warm mug o’ bone broth. The almighty healer. Of your gut, your soul. You can make it. You can buy it. Just get it. These two together are your breakfast superheroes.

Did you come across any magical things during your postpartum days that you’d like to share. Please leave a comment below – happy healing!

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