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Picky Kid Eats Cleveland

Jul 11, 2019 | Around Town, Picky Kid Eats Cleveland


Welcome to Pick Kid Eats Cleveland!!  A monthly post about my son who is a very picky eater.  I think there were years when he only ate 2 things, but I’ve blurred them from my memory, or perhaps mom brain just took over, but I know I’ve had lots and lots of doctors appointments talking about the fact that he would only eat this or that and trying to figure out a way to make him try new things.  Despite his lack of eating, he continued to grow and and now he’s 10, healthy and wears men’s sized shoes 🙁  .  While he will eat a more varied diet now, he’s still really picky!


Going out to eat is sometimes more work than it’s worth because I refuse to buy my kids grilled cheese everywhere we go!  But it’s really nice to have a night off from cooking and sit down with a cocktail and have a lovely meal all together that I didn’t have to prepare or clean up.  So, we go out!   And right now, the rule in our house is that we have to choose a new place to eat and try 3 bites of something new, because we’re pretty blessed to live somewhere that has so many great restaurants!


Two weeks ago, we did just that.  We let the kids decide where to go.  Picky Kid is at the age where he can do some research on the internet, which is really nice!   After about 10 minutes, they both agreed (which NEVER happens) and said they wanted to try Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink at The Van Aken District!  I was thrilled!  I’ve wanted to try it since I heard it was coming to the area!  I’ve seen all the wonderful pics on their Facebook page and more importantly, their cocktails, and away we went!  I don’t think there has been a time when all 4 of us had smiles on our faces to go out to eat!


When we got there, it was crowded.  We were on the fence about wanting to eat outside or inside, but because of the humidity, we thought eating inside would be more comfortable.  But the outdoor patio is beautiful and a must next time!   We were happy that they could seat us right away.  Lucky for me, it was right next to the bar, so I could see all the amazing cocktails that they were creating!  Our server was very prompt, professional and VERY accommodating and chatty with the kids, which was really appreciated because 99% of the time when we go out the server doesn’t ask them what they like to eat and recommend dishes based on what they said!  She was awesome!


The kids were hungry so they wanted to order right away!  Apparently,  the 9 other meals they have had that day weren’t enough.  We ordered a lot off of their snack menu, picky kid wanted to try Ceviche.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of all of it (I’ll be better next time), but it was all delicious.  Pork Belly with kimchi, Deviled Eggs,  and some Ceviche!  The kids really liked the Pork Belly.  Picky Kid even tried the Kimchi!  Although he wasn’t a fan, he thought it was a fresh taste that paired well with the pork belly.  I loved the entire dish and especially loved that the kimchi wasn’t super spicy!  As for the ceviche, picky kid liked it and even took 3 bites (I consider that a win!) but he didn’t want to eat more because he was saving room for their pizza.   Next came our meals.  Of course, with kids, we had to try the pizza and my husband is a burger guy, so that was a must!  I was very happy with the snacks that we had gotten and my cocktails (I may or may not have had 2, but I couldn’t resist, they were THAT good).    The kids gobbled up the pizza so quickly and declared it one of their 2nd favorite (the first being a place at the beach in New Jersey that they have gone to since they were born, so I’m not sure that it counts because everything at the beach is better….right?).  They loved the very thin crust and the freshness of the sauce.  Picky kid was still hungry, so after trying my husbands burger, he wanted one for himself!!  He finished it ALL (this boy eating thing is no joke) and declared Michael’s his new favorite restaurant with the best fries as well!


Unfortunately, none of us had any room for dessert, so we didn’t try them this time.  But the table next to ours did and they looked so divine!


The great thing about this restaurant is that they change the menu often!  We will definitely be back. Picky kid is ready to try new things (finally).  And Mom and Dad are happy to not be going back to the same 2 restaurants every time (I’m sure we will be back to them every once in a while, but it’s nice to expand our horizons).


If you have a picky kid, like I do, you will want to head over to Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink right away.  It’s Picky Kid Eats Cleveland approved!!!!!


Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink did not compensate us or request this review in any way.  All opinions and pictures are our own!



This pork belly and kimchi was amazing!  The pork belly was really tender and juicy and the kimchi added the best fresh balance and wasn’t super spicy.  


As you can see, we couldn’t wait to dive into these eggs!  They were perfect and reminded me of my moms!  Picky kid tried them even though he isn’t an “egg guy”.  It wasn’t his favorite, but he tends to like crunchy things more than velvety smooth!  I thought they were great and a perfect way to start your meal!  


When you have kids, pizza is always on the menu!  This one did not disappoint.  Both of my kids gobbled it up in no time!  And while pizza isn’t new to them, I’m happy that they tried a different looking pizza with fresh basil on it and fresh  mozzerella cheese.  They loved it!!  They didn’t share this dish, so that should tell you everything you need to know!  

Picky Kid loved this burger and declared it better than Dads, which is usually the only burger he will eat!  He also said the fries were excellent and nice and crispy!  

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