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Picky Kid Eats Cleveland: The Capital Grille

Nov 24, 2019 | Around Town


Welcome to Pick Kid Eats Cleveland!!  A monthly post about my son who is a very picky eater.  I think there were years when he only ate 2 things, but I’ve blurred them from my memory, or perhaps mom brain just took over, but I know I’ve had lots and lots of doctors appointments talking about the fact that he would only eat 1 or 2 things and I’m forever trying to figure out new food for him to try.  Despite his lack of eating, he continues to grow and and now he’s 11, healthy and wears men’s sized shoes 🙁  .  While he will eat a more varied diet now, he’s still really picky!


It was Picky Kid’s birthday a few weeks ago and we really wanted to take him somewhere new and special.   He just started eating steak and my parents suggested The Capital Grille.   After Picky Kid did some internet research on the menu, he was in complete agreement.  He was really stoked that we were going to this place, as a friend also went their for his birthday!   


If you haven’t read Picky Kid before,  the rule in our house is that the kids have to choose a new place to eat and try 3 bites of something new to them, because we’re pretty blessed to live somewhere that has so many great restaurants!


We had to make reservations and the only available time we could go was at 8 o’clock at night.  Needless to say, we were all starving!   We sat down in a nice booth and our very knowledgeable server greeted us and asked us for drink orders.  Unfortunately, since it was so late, we all opted for non-alcoholic beverages.


There were so many yummy items on the menu, that it’s a little hard to decide what to have.  Picky Kid wanted the Kona rubbed NY Strip and I wanted the crab cakes.   Done!  Our server took our orders and we couldn’t wait!!  Everything was timed to perfection.  A few of us got soup and there was plenty of time in between to let your stomach and palates rest!  


Our main entrees came and we all shared our plates and ate happily!!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of all of it (I’ll be better next time), but it was all delicious.  NY Strip steaks, salmon, and crab cakes were our main entrees.  We also ordered roasted wild mushrooms, asparagus and french fries, because, well…KIDS.   


The Capital Grille is definitely worth the splurge.   Since it was a birthday celebration, we decided that it was fitting, because as my Mom always says, “you’re only 11 once!”


If you have a picky kid, like I do, you will want to keep The Capital Grille in your back pocket!    It’s Picky Kid Eats Cleveland approved!!!!!


The Capital Grille did not compensate us or request this review in any way.  All opinions and pictures are our own!



I absolutely love seafood!  And Salmon is one type of fish that Picky Kid really enjoys.  The Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon with Marcona almonds and brown butter was delicate and melt in your mouth.  Picky Kid ate a few bites, but he was lovin’ his steak, so he didn’t want to eat too much!!  


I know The Capital Grille is known for their steaks, but don’t pass up the opportunity to have the crab cakes.  They are an appetizer, but I got them for my entree.  I passed them around and literally had 1 bite left.  Everyone loved them and I ended up ordering another 🙂  They are FULL of crab meat and cooked to perfection!  Writing about them only makes me want them again!  

This was by far the winner at the table!  It’s their Kona Crusted Dry-Aged NY Strip with Shallot Butter and it was to die for!  So much so, that Picky Kid wants to have this for Christmas dinner (and actually every dinner)!  

Since it was Picky Kid’s birthday, The Capital Grille gave him not one, but two desserts to celebrate!!  Cheesecake and a very rich and decadent chocolate mousse cake!  Picky Kid didn’t share, because being that he’s 11 years old now, he’s basically a man and men don’t share their food, they eat it (yes, he actually said that LOL)!   From the looks of his empty plate, I’d say it was delicious AF!    

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