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Picky Kid Eats Cleveland: Pearl Asian Kitchen

Aug 27, 2019 | Around Town


Welcome to Pick Kid Eats Cleveland!!  A monthly post about my son who is a very picky eater.  I think there were years when he only ate 2 things, but I’ve blurred them from my memory, or perhaps mom brain just took over, but I know I’ve had lots and lots of doctors appointments talking about the fact that he would only eat this or that and trying to figure out a way to make him try new things.  Despite his lack of eating, he continued to grow and and now he’s 10, healthy and wears men’s sized shoes 🙁  .  While he will eat a more varied diet now, he’s still really picky!


Going out to eat is sometimes more work than it’s worth because I refuse to buy my kids grilled cheese everywhere we go!  But it’s really nice to have a night off from cooking and sit down with a cocktail and have a lovely meal all together that I didn’t have to prepare or clean up.  So, we go out!   And right now, the rule in our house is that we have to choose a new place to eat and try 3 bites of something new, because we’re pretty blessed to live somewhere that has so many great restaurants!


A few weeks ago, we did just that.  We let picky kid decide where to go.  He’s is at the age where he can do some research on the internet, which is really nice!  He decided upon Pearl Asian Kitchen.  I was floored!  He doesn’t like anything other than american food and I’m sad to say this was a completely new restaurant for all of us (even though my husband and I usually like to eat Asian cuisine on date nights because the kids don’t want to eat it).   So away we went with the 4 of us in tow and meeting a family member there!  


They sat us right away, which was great, because we were all starving!    I couldn’t decide what I wanted because I was so hungry and I wanted to make sure the kids ordered something they would actually eat.  But after about 15 mins, we ordered (and that is because of US, not the waitress, because we were waiting for another family member to join us).


When I go to a Chinese restaurant, I like to eat family style!  The table was equipped with a lazy susan and the kids thought it was fun to turn it to get their food and asked if we could get one for home (not likely I told them, since they never eat anything but snacks)!  We ordered eggs rolls, golden wings (picky kids choice),  chicken fried rice, Hong Kong street styled meatballs, 8 jeweled chicken, and firecracker beef.  Our cousin ate all of the meatballs, so we didn’t get the try them, but he said they were excellent and he would get them again!!  My daughter really liked to fried rice and egg rolls.  “They were super crunchy!”  After Picky Kid devoured his wings and egg role, we told him he had to try a few bites of something else.  He chose the firecracker beef because he thought it was spicy and he likes to eat as if he was on an episode of Roswell!  Don’t let the name throw you, this beef is sweet, it even have big chunks of pineapple in it.  But it’s really delicious.  Picky kid declared it the winner!  And so did the rest of the table!!  Make sure you try this dish (but p.s…if you have a nut allergy, ask them to omit the crushed peanuts on top!).   


Picky kid declared that this will be our newest restaurant in our very small rotation that is Picky Kid approved!  And if you want dessert, just walk across the street to Mitchell’s for ice cream.  It’s a win/win!  


We will definitely be back. Picky kid is ready to try new things (finally).  And Mom and Dad are happy to not be going back to the same 2 restaurants every time (I’m sure we will be back to them every once in a while, but it’s nice to expand our horizons).


If you have a picky kid, like I do, you will want to head over to Pearl Asian Kitchen pronto!  It’s Picky Kid Eats Cleveland approved!!!!!


Pearl Asian Kitchen did not compensate us or request this review in any way.  All opinions and pictures are my own!



Our cousin horded these for himself, so we didn’t get to try them, but he loved the sauce and ate them all!  


Picky Kid ate this.  He loved how crunchy it was on the outside.  He did let some of the inside fall out!  

Picky Kid wouldn’t try this at all.  But I liked it and while the Firecracker Beef was my favorite, I did enjoy the fact that the pieces of chicken were large and I could tell what I was eating!  

Picky Kid loved this and so did the rest of other table!  

While Picky Kid doesn’t eat rice, his sister really went to town on this!!  Again, there were large chunks of chicken and it was not very greasy like some can be!!  

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