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Picky Kid Eats Cleveland: Crumb and Spigot

Oct 17, 2019 | Around Town


Welcome to Pick Kid Eats Cleveland!!  A monthly post about my son who is a very picky eater.  I think there were years when he only ate 2 things, but I’ve blurred them from my memory, or perhaps mom brain just took over, but I know I’ve had lots and lots of doctors appointments talking about the fact that he would only eat this or that and trying to figure out a way to make him try new things.  Despite his lack of eating, he continued to grow and and now he’s 11, healthy and wears men’s sized shoes 🙁  .  While he will eat a more varied diet now, he’s still really picky!


Going out to eat is sometimes more work than it’s worth because I refuse to buy my kids grilled cheese everywhere we go!  But it’s really nice to have a night off from cooking and sit down with a cocktail and have a lovely meal all together that I didn’t have to prepare or clean up.  So, we go out!   And right now, the rule in our house is that we have to choose a new place to eat and try 3 bites of something new, because we’re pretty blessed to live somewhere that has so many great restaurants!


So, off we go!    We let picky kid decide where he wanted to try.  He’s is at the age where he can do research on the internet, which is really nice!  He decided upon Crumb and Spigot in Chagrin Falls.  WOW!  I was surprised, but he said they had pizza and if he didn’t like anything, he could try that.    I reminded him about our rules and he was stoked to try something new (who is this kid?).  After talking to our foodie friend, she suggested that we get there as soon as the restaurant opened because they do not take reservations and the place is small!  We are really glad we did that.  The restaurant opened at 4pm on Saturday night and we got their at 4:20pm and we’re glad we go there when we did, because there was only 1 table left and luckily, we got it!!


We got started right away with some drinks, I had a yummy Bourbon/Pumking ale cocktail and my husband had a beer!  The kids also got drinks, my daughter a *pink* lemonade (they made it pink just for her) and root beer for picky kid!  Since we had never been to this restaurant before, we had lot of questions for our server!  She was knowledge on everyone on the menu, drinks, beers, cocktails included.  This is how it should be when you go to a restaurant.  The servers should be extremely knowledgeable with what their place of business is making and serving to its customers.  This is a sign of a great restaurant!


The kids wanted to get pizza, but Picky Kid also wanted a salad (WHOA).  So together we chose the Warm Bacon Date Salad, which was super yummy and had a ton of dates, bacon and hazelnuts in it.  Picky kid really liked the dressing, greens and bacon, but wasn’t too sure about the dates!  I on the other hand loved it (I love salads)!  It was the perfect, crunchy, sweet, acidy from the dressing and the greens were really fresh and peppery!  My kids also wanted to get a soft pretzel, they are obsessed with them!!  Being from the Philly area, a good soft pretzel is hard to come by, but this pretzel reminded us of a little shop near our hometown that makes pretzels that we love.  Picky kid also loved the horseradish cheddar cheese dip.  He really liked foods that are spicy or give you that feeling in your nose!  Next came our entrees, the pizza for the kids, mussels for me, a burger for our friend and sloppy joe for my husband (along with some mac n’ cheese)!  Picky kid needed to try some new things, so we tried the mussels.  He really liked the flavor, but not the texture.  Fair enough!!  He really loved the sloppy joe, but the pizza was his winner (old habits die hard).  Our friend got the burger and said it was one of the best he’s ever had!


My son wanted to do this blog post because it would force him to try new restaurants, new foods and help all of you who may have picky kinds find some really great restaurants to go to that are locally owned and isn’t the same food you have been eating for the past 4 years (like we did)!  While he still ate pizza, he tried new food.  The pizza was also not your average pizza.  Different flavors and eeek…different cheese than he’s used to having!


I really loved everything about Crumb & Spigot!  The atmosphere reminded me of being in England, surrounded by families having a good meal and drinking some really good beer and cocktails!!  And it’s 100% Picky Kid approved!!


If you have a picky kid, like I do, you will want to head over to Pearl Asian Kitchen pronto!  It’s Picky Kid Eats Cleveland approved!!!!!


Crumb and Spigot did not compensate us or request this review in any way.  All opinions and pictures are my own!



The was a very yummy drink!!  It was Southern Tier’s Pumking Ale, Bourbon and some other things I can’t remember.  Say Bourbon and I’m sold.  It was really yummy and went down waaayyy too easy!  


The perfect pretzel.  Crunchy on the outside and doughy on the inside!!  And Picky Kid loved the cheese sauce!!  

Picky Kid loved this salad.  He did pick out the dates because of the texture, but he loved the crunch from the hazelnuts, the bacon (who wouldn’t?), and the warm cider dressing that added the perfect acid to the dish!  PS–I LOVED it, dates and all!   

Picky Kid tried these, didn’t really like them, as he doesn’t really like most seafood, but I’m happy he tried them!!  All the adults at the table thought they were delicious and the crunchy bread chips that they give you are perfect for dunking into the warm broth that is just so comforting!!  When I go back again, I’m definitely getting these!  

We brought a friend with us and none of us tried the burger, but he said it was one of the best burger’s he’s every eaten!  And look at that egg!!!!!  

The pizza was perfect and absolutely delicious!  

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