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OndeCare, Cleveland’s Flexible Home Care Start Up

Mar 21, 2019 | Around Town, Products and Services


The biggest struggle for most parents is finding trustworthy, reliable, and flexible childcare when you need it.  You may remember a post we did just before Valentines Day about various services that provide access to sitters in Cleveland’s East Side suburbs, but only ONE of them was founded by a Cleveland East Side mom, and it really stands out from the rest.  Why, you ask? Excellent question – we’ll tell you! But first, the backstory.



In 2001, Nicole Paolozzi was living in Chicago as a single mother with a young daughter.  She, like almost every parent who has ever existed, was desperate for a trustworthy, reliable back-up.  She came up with a great idea in the back of a cab one day (Uber post-dates this idea, for the record) that was similar in concept to a taxi dispatch service.  What if there was an on-demand service that dispatched local heroes to fulfill childcare needs for parents in a bind? Then, as most entrepreneurs (especially single mom entrepreneurs!) with a great idea and no free time do, she spent the next decade wishing for this service.


Nicole moved to Cleveland, and life circumstances made her need for a service like this even more apparent – and doable.  OndeCare (short for on-demand care) evolved into a real business with supporting software because she needed it – plain and simple.  In 2013, Nicole and her family started to care for her father-in-law who had Parkinsons’s disease and lived 90 minutes away. The heartbreak of missing doctors’ appointments, failing to be in two places at once, and feeling like she failed HIM, pushed her to start the company.  Nicole became determined to create the most viable way to dispatch local heroes (teachers, nurses, nurses aides, EMTs, and other such trustworthy professionals) to fulfill both in-home childcare and eldercare needs to families in a bind.


OndeCare was born in 2016 and the Beta site was launched on July 1, 2017.  Since then, clients have helped the company shape their services to better fulfill their needs. Based on client input, OndeCare now includes video introductions to listings for added peace of mind. The company actively seeks caregivers with experience and passion for caring for individuals with special needs (and enabled related search functionality on the site). A search for caregivers with infant-specific experience is in the works. And OndeCare’s PopUp DayCares will soon be popping up at local business locations and major Cleveland expos and events.


OndeCare isn’t just a service for people looking for care, though.  There’s a fantastic added benefit, which is that this platform creates rewarding supplementary jobs to our local Heroes – trustworthy, compassionate, reliable people who want to help and provide peace of mind.

OndeCare Foundation

OndeCare is rooted in good old-fashioned customer service in a Tech enabled world.  It’s founding mantra is one you’re probably familiar with – treat others like you would like to be treated. Every decision, technical solution, communication, recommendation made, and Hero hired is guided by this mantra.  Nicole started the business thinking she just needed to solve the issue with safety and speed – safe caregivers, safe clients, and a technical solution that allows clients to easily and swiftly book caregivers when they need them.  After the pilot, and by keeping this mantra in mind,the platform has evolved into the complete customer service solution for people juggling demanding jobs and care of loved ones while providing high-paying flexible jobs for certified professionals.

So what makes OndeCare different?

Their founding mantra means they stand out from the rest in so many ways.  Here are just a few of them:

It’s safe. EVERYONE is background checked.  Want to be a client? Yep, that means you’ll be vetted, too.  Every Hero is professionally employed in the care, safety, or education profession for premium care and added peace of mind, and every potential Hero is vetted in person.  That’s a service you can trust.

It’s affordable. Because most Heroes require Federal Background Investigations for their day jobs, the burden of the background check is a shared responsibility, which means a lower price point than comparable services.

It’s a one-stop shop. OndeCare Heroes provide back-up care for loved ones of all ages and needs – infants to seniors.  If you ever find yourself in a bind (like, for example, assistance after surgery if you have small children and a significant other that travels for work), OndeCare can provide an experienced hero to help both you and your children.

It’s LOCAL! OndeCare is a Cleveland East Side technology start-up with a Cleveland East Side Mom founder!  Using this service benefits Cleveland East Side Heroes. You can’t beat that. Seriously.

It’s a user-friendly platform.  Their platform makes it easy to find/review/book a Hero.  For the Heros, the platform makes it easy to create and edit service listing based on personal availability.

You’ll get a response.  In today’s world of notifications, sometimes even important notifications can be accidentally ignored.  OndeCare supports technology enabled communications and trains their Heroes to respond to messages and bookings with the understanding that the client is reaching out and paying these rates because they really need someone to save their day.  For those moments when the digital communication gets lost in the shuffle, the office backs it up through monitoring traffic and providing assistance behind the scenes when it’s needed.

They provide services for special needs.  Many of OndeCare’s Heroes have experience with and a desire to help those with special needs.

It’s also a concierge service. In addition to the behind the scenes work the office does to ensure successful matches, the office meets moms looking for short-term and part-time help and develops a short list of Heroes for interviews.  They plan to update the technology to accommodate this need as well.

They guarantee their service. Nicole herself has stepped in as a Hero on a few occasions when a Hero wasn’t available or just couldn’t make a job, and her other office staff does the same. They even defined a process for back-up Heroes (they call them Sidekicks) to be dispatched when something unexpected happens with the original booking.


Wanna give it a try?

We thought so!  Sign up using the link below with the code 50CESM0319 and your first booking will be discounted $50 – depending on what Hero you choose, that could be up to four free hours of quality care!

This post was sponsored by OndeCare.

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