CESM on the Move: What we did this week October 13-19, 2019 | Cleveland East Side Moms

CESM on the Move: What we did this week October 13-19, 2019

by | Oct 20, 2019 | Around Town


It was such a busy week, yet I feel like we (or I) got anything really accomplished.  My boy turned 11 this week!!  He’s officially asserting himself as being completely independent, which is both frightening and liberating at the same time.  He’s all the sudden too old for his mom and all of my advice.  And he wants to do everything by himself (except cleaning, I’m still looking for the magic pill for that one!).  But I’m proud of him that he’s taking on more responsibility for himself, but I miss my baby!!


Anyway, the week was spent baking 4 cakes for him and 30 whoopie pies for him to bring to school.  You see, when he was a baby and toddler, I owned a bakery in our little Pennsylvania town. I don’t have a culinary degree by any means, I’m actually a musician at heart and degree!  (You can hear me singing in the car, at home with my kids and in the shower LOL!!!)  I baked for stores, restaurants, wedding, etc.  So, I always feel the duty to bake for my kids birthdays and holidays.  I love it but sometimes it can be very stressful to make all of those things in a short amount of time.





Last Sunday, we took our annual trip to our favorite “local” farm, Rittman Orchards.  They have the best apples and pumpkins and we have gone every year since we moved to Cleveland.  (Actually, they have the best everything).  They don’t have big slides and hay rides and that’s fine with us!!  We just love taking the trip, seeing all of the Fall colors and enjoying being in the country!!  It’s absolutely beautiful there!





As usual, during the work/school week, we were busy with homework, football, piano lessons, dance, PTO meetings and client meetings.  It was the last week of football!!  My son learned so much and had a blast and the program he was with was amazing!!  He didn’t know anyone and everyone embraced him and us into their community!!  Thank you!!  In between school, work, football, etc, we celebrated his birthday!!




I’ve been working a lot and I think it finally caught up with me, because I’ve been tired ALL. THE.  TIME!  We’ve had family visiting us all week and making food for this many people every day is tiring as well!!  But it’s a lot of fun too!!  When my parents came to town a few days ago, we again, celebrated the birthday with a trip to The Capital Grill.  We had never been there before.  We had a blast and everything was delicious!!  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to not have a rushed dinner.  All the food was well spaced and we enjoyed this time so much soaking in our kids and parents as much as possible!!  I loved everything about it!!  If you are looking for a great meal and impeccable service, go to The Capital Grill at Legacy Village!




Last night, we headed out to the Mayfield Drive In.  It was their last night of the season and they had Trunk or Treat.  Being that the boy is 11, he’s way to old to partake in such a juvenile  ritual, but his sister did and had a blast.  We only stayed for 1 of the 3 movies because it was SO.COLD.  But we had so much fun and love going!!  We took my parents who haven’t been to a drive in since their 20’s, so it was a fun experience for them too!!




This coming week basketball will start, and I’m working on a Holiday Gift post!!  Have anything your kids or family has loved that you would like to share?  Email me and let me know so I can include it!


And, tell us what you did this week or have planned for this coming week!!  We’d love to include some readers adventures!!


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