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Why We Love Burn Boot Camp

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Around Town


Burn boot camp has played a significant role in helping me rediscover important things I thought I had lost upon becoming a stay-at-home-mom. 

Before I became a SAHM, I was a working girl. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. As a leader in a fast growing, creative company, I was surrounded by people that pushed me, challenged me, respected me. I put my heart and soul into what I did and was rewarded for my hard work often. And this felt good. It feels good to be recognized, to be acknowledged, to be commended for your efforts. This was all validation. And I was getting a lot of it. 

Then, I had a baby and became a SAHM in one fell swoop. Assuming this role is abrupt and all consuming. Almost simultaneously your old world drops out from under you as a whole new one falls in your lap. And the weight of that, without the foundation that you used to have, knocks you off balance so fast it’s hard to catch your breath, let alone make sure that your shiny, new, tiny human is breathing too. 

Your colleagues that surrounded you daily to remind you of your place in the world. Gone. Your nice clothes that you put on everyday to make a good impression. Somehow they turned into sweatpants. Your bi-weekly paycheck to reinforce your hard work. Zilch. Your little moments of happy feedback from your boss/employees/guests reminding you that there is meaning beyond that paycheck. Also, gone. 

But you have the cutest little baby. Who loves you. Nay. NEEDS you. In a way you’ve never been needed before. But somehow it just doesn’t feel quite the same. The place that you had occupied in your old world has been lost, and now you’ve become someone else’s ENTIRE world. There is this inherent struggle of loving what you have but missing what you’ve lost. And it’s emotionally trying. 

All of those external validations that had become my normal had vanished. I wrestled with these losses and wondered when/where I might find them again. Enter: BURN BOOT CAMP.

The basic premise is this: it’s 45 minutes of trainer led kick-your-ass programming. Every day is different; every week is different. There’s tabata, strength training, conditioning, pyramids, circuits, drop-sets. And the list goes on. Needless to say, this is one exercise program that keeps you on your toes. The trainers who run it are fantastic humans. You can sign up to meet with them as often as you both see fit to check in with your fitness/health goals in things called focus meetings. These are FREE and encouraged.

But the kicker, and I mean this is GOOD – you listening out there? They have FREE CHILDCARE Monday-Friday for 5 out of the 8 classes that are offered daily. And the women who care for my little guy, Theo, truly enjoy looking after him which gives me peace of mind for that 45 minutes of me-time. This was huge for me, as my husband travels most weeks for work. So this makes it possible for me to work out outside of home.  

One day, about a week into my experience, in the midst of a million burpees, I had a moment of clarity. For the first time I realized I was feeling validated again. That old familiar feeling from my old professional life, but here, in this new space with new people. Somehow, by the first week, everyone knew my and my son’s name. And not just the trainers and the women who work there, but the women who work out there too. That recognition felt so good. 

But that’s only part of it. With that there’s also the fact that while I’m sweating/dying during an intense conditioning day, the trainers will give me a shout out, by name, and tell me that I’m doing awesome. That acknowledgment for showing up for myself motivates me to keep going and keep putting in the work, even if that work doesn’t come with a paycheck. 

So I’m going to continue going because that wave and hello to Theo & I when we walk through the door, the high fives throughout class, the encouragement when I’m losing steam, the one-on-one focus meetings where I have space to be heard – it all comes through as validation that I’m seen, heard, celebrated for pushing myself, believing in myself, and committing to myself & my health.

What Burn is doing is building a community of women who share the same goals. I want in. Because it’s giving me back as much as I’m willing to put into it. Friends, do yourself a solid and come join me in reclaiming what I now know is not lost. Hope to see you out there!


This post was sponsored by burn boot camp. 


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