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Best Places to Buy New Tires

Sep 19, 2018 | Around Town, Parenting

Busy parents everywhere will appreciate that the best places to buy new tires are now all online.  Online retailers have made this experience more convenient, more affordable, and more cost-effective.  Getting your tires replaced is as easy as shopping on Amazon!  Tires are the #1 safety feature of your car.  Rotate them, check them, and replace them as necessary – especially with winter around the corner.


I will never forget the first time I brought my husband home to Cleveland with me for the holidays. We were dating at the time and lived in DC – a place that comes to an utter standstill with more than 2 inches of snow (and sometimes two inches is enough). I hadn’t thought to check my tires for tread that winter – my thinking was the following:


  1. my car was new (it was close to 3 years old)
  2. my car had 60,000 mile tires on it (it didn’t).


In typical Cleveland East Side fashion, we ran into a snow squall driving from my parents’ house in Moreland Hills to my brother’s condo in Shaker Square. The roads were wet, my tires were (mostly) bald, and my brakes did nothing to prevent me from sliding into an extremely nice, new , WHITE Land Rover with my little RED Mazda3 at a red light. Thankfully there was no damage, but wow was that experience embarrassing. My husband (then my boyfriend) was not impressed. I had the tires replaced before our drive back to DC, so we got to spend 3 hours of our ‘vacation’ sitting at a tire dealership. Yuck.


This is probably about what all of my tire-buying experiences were like before I became a mom and was catapulted unexpectedly into the land of constant worry.  There is truly nothing like (mostly) unsubstantiated anxiety to show you how important your tires are. When you’re only responsible for yourself, things like ‘passenger safety’ just don’t occur to you in the same way. You think about it in an offhand way, generally make sure people buckle their seat belts & whatnot, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. With kids in the car, safety is paramount. I AGONIZED over the decision to flip my older son’s car seat forward-facing before he was 3. I know this can be a heated debate, but that just goes to show how much we as moms invest emotionally in the safety & well-being of our children.  I researched the crap out of car seats – the best places to buy them, the best rated, the most cost-effective, etc etc.  I never researched tires.  It never occurred to me to look into the best places to buy tires, the best tires, or anything remotely tire-related.


So let’s get real here for a second. Car seats are very, very important, but they don’t prevent accidents. Tires do. They are arguably the most important safety feature of your car, and you have to take care of them. That means rotate them regularly and replace them as necessary. Statistically, probably at least 1/3 of the people reading this need to replace their tires before this winter. Ask yourself how much thought you put into your kids’ car seat placement, then compare it with how much brand research you’ve done into replacing your tires. Probably not comparable, right?   Guys, please do the research. Pick your tires carefully and replace them regularly. Especially in Cleveland, more specifically on Cleveland’s East side, this is important work.


Where are the best places to buy new tires these days?  Well, unsurprisingly, they’re online.  Here are a few resources to help you out.



These guys are trying to make buying new tires as convenient as possible! They’ve created a super easy user interface that lets you enter the make/model/year of your car or your car’s license plate number to filter the brands of tires that fit. You can buy your tires online and you choose how they’re installed – traditionally via a retailer or wherever you want.  Think of it like Uber for new tires.  They’ll come to you at {insert convenient location for you} and install your tires for you on the spot. For you busy moms out there, you can’t beat that service!

This retailer is changing how you buy tires too, but in a different way. They have a huge selection of tires & you buy them online. They deliver them to a tire installation retailer & you pay separately for the installation. This is a pretty unique model that gives consumers a much better idea of the actual price of the tires – normally installation is ‘free with purchase.’ They run regular promotions and rebates for almost every brand of tire out there as well.  Chances are good that you’ll save money using this site.

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