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A New Neighborhood Favorite Restaurant: Boaz

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Around Town


It’s really nice to have a nice place to eat that I know my whole family will enjoy!  And it’s an even bigger bonus when it’s affordable, fresh, healthy and we can walk to it!!  Enter my new favorite neighborhood restaurant, Boaz Fresh!   Located next to Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream in University Heights, Boaz is serving up some big and bold Mediterranean flavors while providing healthy, fresh food!!  You can make your own bowls or sandwiches or you can order off the menu, items like falafels, grape leaves, kibbie, salads and so much more!  They also have a kid’s menu, which is crucial in this neighborhood and is the perfect way to get your kids to try new flavor combinations and new foods!   


Vegans and meat eaters will both be happy!!  There is something for everyone!! 


And while you are there, don’t forget to grab a fresh made juice concoction!!  They are made to order and the perfect accompaniment to all the big  flavors in your meal!!


Let’s start off with this cauliflower side dish.  IT. IS. AMAZING!  I could honestly eat it every day!  It’s cooked perfectly and has a slightly spicy sauce on top (I’m not a huge fan of spicy food and can’t tolerate a lot of spice, but this was super flavorful with a little heat).  It’s just so yummy and very filling!  Definitely my favorite dish!



These fries are addicting!!  The za’atar (an ancient Mid-East herb) puts these over the top and makes them everyone’s favorite!!  You won’t be able to eat just one!!



Making a bowl at Boaz is somewhat like Chipolte.  You can pick and choose what you would like to go in your bowl or you can make it into a sandwich wrap.  I love that there is so much to choose from and you can modify it to meet your dietary needs!!  And seriously, don’t forget to load up on the fresh veggies and pickled cucumbers and turnips!   The bowls come with a delicious full-sized pita to dip into your baba or hummus (or make a sandwich of your own with it and have the best of both worlds)!  



Here’s the Chicken Curry Wrap!  It’s deliciously creamy and I LOVE the wrap part of this sandwich.  Slightly crispy, slightly chewing and it’s thin, so it doesn’t overpower anything going on inside!  




Lastly, when you go, make sure to get a fresh pressed juice or smoothie!  You will thank me! My juice of choice is called Empowered!  It’s a blend of Kale, Spinach, Orange, Apple, Cucumber, Ginger (which is the star if you ask me), and lemon.  It balances all the flavors perfectly and gives you a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory and immune boosting ginger!  



I’m so glad Boaz has moved into the neighborhood.  It’s quickly become one of my favorite quick and healthy lunch spots!!  And I know it’s only a matter of time before it will be our go-to dinner place since the weather is getting warmer and we can take a nice walk to eat and sit outside!!  


If you have allergies, make sure to talk to someone about the ingredients and what they use to cook their food in.  The staff is wonderful and will help you every step of the way!



Boaz Fresh invited me for a special preview of their new restaurant in University Heights.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

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